Hero Traits not in effect..?? Ability off?

Why is it that when glen is in your squad but isn't the leader his "lucky" ability doesn't apply to just his kills still? Are all leader traits that way?


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    His leader trait does not affect survivors' luck or give them the trait 'Lucky'. His leader trait gives supplies for a percentage of the amount of XP you gain during the mission.
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    Oh my god you thought all of his traits affect the entirety of your heroes' traits

  • Sorry, lets try again.. all heros have a single trait that when they are in the lead position slot before a mission, that single trait goes into effect for the team. glen has a leadership trait that gives extra supplies for kills anyone on the team makes. So whatever other two characters are on the team, when they make a kill it also contributes to glens bonus trait.

    That all being said... glen has 4 other traits that are in effect 100% of the time regardless of if he is in the leader slot or not. The question is if glen is NOT in the leader slot, so the bonus supplies trait is not active for the team, why is the trait still not active for him. Just for his kills. The trait goes completely dormant. Why, he is still a character being used, and even though the trait wont be active for the whole team when they make a kill, it should still apply just to glens kills. It doesn't make sense as all other traits stay active all the time.. but heros go down a trait if they aren't in the lead spot...
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    This is a good point. I think even if a hero is not in the leader position, their leader trait should at least always affect themselves. To avoid further confusion, I believe @SupremeCommanderZach is referring to the "Lucky Dumpster" trait and not the "Lucky" trait.
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  • Yes. Thanks for clarifying that @crambert_nec .

    I get that a hero's trait is only active for the team when they are in the lead spot. That makes sense. (ie it wouldnt make sense to allow multiple "stacking" hero traits effective for the whole team. That would throw the balance off quite a bit). However with the current setting, it means when heros are used, and not in the lead spot, they may only have a max of 4 traits. Thats isn't very hero like. They are actually very handicapped compared to non-hero survivors, especially given how difficult it is to get specific tokens to lvl them up to get more traits. If you make it so that when a hero is NOT in the lead spot, then the hero trait is active ONLY FOR THE HERO, NG loses practically nothing, and the hero's remain to be un-handicapped. It wouldn't even change much of anything for some.. such as Rosita as she rarely targets only one... etc

    For example, whats the worse that could happen in a team of glen, abraham, and maggie (ie arguably the best resources team under my suggestion). In any order, the gain is a small benefit enough to make farming a little better without giving away too much to NG... any combination of hero's works. There isn't one combination of heros where suddenly there is some crazy advantage a user would have over the ai or other users in raid mode. Its simply just more balanced.

    Even if they excluded raids from this change it would be fine. Even if they just changed this for glen and maggie it would be a help as farming takes a ridiculous amount of time as is.
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    For future reference, you can tag multiple people in the same post.

    To the main point: Heroes do "go down a trait" as you call it when not in the leader position, but this is intentional, and I don't expect that it will be changed. We want the heroes to be good enough to be desirable, but we definitely do not want to make your other survivors obsolete. This would likely be the case if the Leader trait were applied only to the Hero when the Hero was not a leader.

    As it stands now, players build teams of Hero + 2 others, and hopefully have different configurations for different challenge maps, or different game modes. If my team is injured and will be out of commission a while, I can build a different team of Hero + 2 others [who may or may not be heroes themselves] and try again, or go do other content. If my Best team were 3 heroes because of the Leader traits always working, I'm much more likely to simply end my session if that superteam gets injured in a mission, since it is impossible to build a comparable team since all three heroes had traits that no one else has.

    Additionally, heroes are intentionally slow to unlock. We want a player's first few heroes to really change the way they see the game. It will likely happen around the time they get their first Rare or better survivor, and before they have unlocked all of the classes. this way, they can spend time playing with different builds and see some real change in the way their teams function based on the Hero they choose to lead them with.

    In short - yes, it was an option, but one we passed on. We feel that there are enough benefits to using heroes already without making them so much better that they run the risk of being seen as the "only good" options for gameplay.
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