When it is ok to use Assault Rifle with no spread.

So we all agree gold spread is desired on Assault rifles. Some times is it ok to upgrade and use one with silver spread? How about NO spread?
Well I wanted to share with all an occasion where I have had tremendous success with No spread. Many of the new maps heve efforted to mitigate gold spread by their design. You get cheated by corners of cars and other barriers in the map that cheat off the corners and often i get irritated by missing that one or two targets who looked like they were in the green yet still don't get hit.
Check out his weapon:

Look at the hit difference of 163 between these two equally level rifles, but the no spread has the Gold skull Lethal. That extra 163 at the high levels plus armor pierce chance gold 30% and Lucky 15% silver make this rifle worth it.



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