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I'm a huge fan of creating your own unique group of survivors. As much as i love some of the canon characters from the show, i don't care to use them. Unfortunately, by not using them you miss out on the team leader, hero bonus.

Another aspect of games i like is the ability to create myself and imagine myself in the world created by the game (whichever i'm playing atm). I have been trying to get a male hunter forever and i only ever get old ladies.

A solution to this might be the ability to create yourself as a hero!! Maybe it can be done at the very beginning and that would be your starting character that you would grow and level up. It would add a lot more immersion! The hero bonus doesn't have to be as strong as the ones provided by the main characters, maybe you could selecta weaker version of one of the abilities that already exist. This would definitely get me more involved in the game!!


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    I once made myself in an old PS1 pro wrestling game. It was a very close likeness. I couldn't stop laughing, watching Stone Cold throw me around.
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    I think that Rufus character may make this idea possible.. i like the thought of creating ur own character. the characters in the game is so basic. all the women have the same features same body same everything as if there isnt a thick chick with a size c chest or guy with a pop belly (not rufus)..ijs...creating ur own character gives you the chance to reallly immerse in the game.
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    I wonder though, in such a post apocalyptic world, where
    a. realistically all the fat foods should be running out, and
    b. someone would be getting a lot of exercise,
    how does someone living that life stay or get overweight?

    It's much more survival of the fittest in such an environment, and with increasing extra pounds on the body the ability to properly adjust to that life is going to decrease.

    So at the one end the new environment will kill off the least fit first, and those that survive will get more fit all the time.
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    I am a long time gamer. I get so involved into what im playing. But customization is the one thing i look for. Please make this a reality. Iv already taken my first step and named all my survivors after close frie ds of mine. This is the best idea i could ask for in this game.
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    Oh yes, it's my dream too! A big furious capybara bruiser defending my outpost!

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    @MadPuppy nobody is doing marathons or join a gym when the apocalypse comes.. people come as they are and of course yrs later maybe the struggle for food and water body seems to deteriorate but not all the instead of thinking what we may assume women are size 3 and men have six packs from running so much in a real world there maybe still some overweight oversized people.. its genetics....
    “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.” (Bob Marley)
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    Guild: The Kingdom
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    +1 on OP's suggestion. Not much to add other than what's already been said lol

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    Lmao requesting this with all the complaints about ugly survivors before... I'm not saying, I'm just saying... btw my pic ;)
    @MadPuppy lol a few of the survivors from the show would beg to differ, even Negan was body shaming...
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    Yeah @Necroboogie I know, that's one of the things from the show that has me go like "how the hell does someone maintain that kind of over eating in a world where it's hard to even find enough to not go hungry?".

    Now mind you, I'm not exactly lightweight myself, just can't imagine that staying when life turns into a fight to survive and running for life all the time.
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    Great idea!
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    This would be awesome but it might actually cause people to think more strategically. I mean who wants a mini them dying in the apocalypse? No one does!
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