Making Radio phones easier to get.

can we have a building that produce phones, a small amount of course like 1 for 12 hours and after you fully upgrade the building you get 1 every 7 to 5 hours capping the hold amount at 5 at level 1 building and 15 at max building level. so this is what ill love to have in twd nml for i can get dedicated to get on every day to get those phones XD. so till me what you think?


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    one small question, can you delete you're post?
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    MadPuppy said:

    And no, you cannot delete your posts.

    Mod privileges be like
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    one more thing, can we see what traits we will unlock Upon promoting a Survivor. i'm tired of using up all my tokens just to find that last trait is not to my liking and starting all over again. it'll be like the same thing in the weapons traits with a lock on the trait and a display of the Requirements for unlocking it but if this was Intended i'll be fine with it, it just adds a Challenge to get that prefect Survivor.
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    Great idea!
    Still locked: Carl, Carol, Ezekiel, Michonne
    Coming Soon: Eugene, Father Gabriel, ?
    My wishlist: Aaron, Andrea, Beth, Bob, Dale, Hershel, Jessie, Lori, Merle, Noah, Shane, Simon, T-Dog, The Governor, Tyreese
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    Phones bleck its been too easy to get phones for 1.5 weeks already dont need building that produces phones let them just keep the herd forever and you have steady supply of phones and fuel they are now fast to get. I like your idea to see their traits and you only have to unlock the chain and lock
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