Advice on survivors / Shooters

Hello everyone,

Hope you're having enjoyable holidays!

I never asked anything on the forum so one of my resolutions for next year is to go further into details on my survivors team with the help, I hope, of the community :)

I would like to begin with the shooters.

Danny looks like a very strong one to me so I will keep him (and not pink him now as it would make walkers be Lvl23 instead of 22 actually)
Tim looks ok also but what to think about Chris? As he is legendary I'm hesitating

I do have Rick Rare 20 and Tara uncommon 20 even if I'm not really using them currently

Thank you in advance for any return you may have :)


  • EZEKIELEZEKIEL Member Posts: 399
    i agree totally. pretty good group and tim will be the next to promote.. all your guns is garbage..none of them has high powered so you can increase the range none of them even have luck to increase the traits they do have..piercing is about the best trait ur weapons have adding luck to it makes it need to change up on equipment...
    “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.” (Bob Marley)
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    Guild: The Kingdom
  • ArkhanArkhan Member Posts: 23
    Thank you Movado and Ezekiel for your return :)

    I was wondering if Chris talents were efficient but now I'm more confident. That's my only 3 shooters (non-heroes) and I will keep them, beginning by uprgading Tim.
    For the guns I do agree with you, stille waiting to get some new ones. As Danny is pretty strong I began to upgrade his weapons long time ago, I do need to take some good Lvl23 ones (if I understand well : Luck / High range / Piercing)
  • jmababajmababa Member Posts: 63
    edited January 2017 here is best shooter ever more defence than a brusier and more damage than glenn type character
  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
    Not bad @jmababa . I would want marksman as 5th trait to be ideal. Marksman/sureshot combo with high power (extra range) weapon is 1-shot lethal even against walkers a few levels up, especially with any damage or crit bonus on the weapon. If I have both dodges, mm and ss, i will gladly take lucky or iron skin as 5th trait all day long.
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