Fix to the Reckonin' and Weekend Event News



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    Let me find the screenshots , where you all guys know about what the Molotow is capable off......

    Please do PM me with them! It's important we get information like this and can take action as soon as possible.
    dodymedo said:

    Thank you for you constant updates,you really care about us.Iam a fan of you and a fan of your game.i have suggestions: we need interactive environments and explosives,what do you think about that?

    We do have some interactive environments, but more would definitely be awesome. Watch this space...

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    @CalChiefsFan If you purchased the Rufus Bundle and would like a refund, please be in contact with our support team.
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    Wooow it's game is very good
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    @raton Every player has had the opportunity to get a Reckonin' from the TG Shop.
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    So traits has been changed or just bodyshots issue??
    <img src=""alt="" />
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    @Mark We were able to verify this issue early this morning Helsinki time and reacted accordingly.
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,577
    @Amiga No changes to traits, only the fix of the "no body shots" -issue the weapon had.
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    @Teeceezy im playing several hours every day and NEVER saw a leg reckoning in the tg shop for exchange. When was abailable?
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    Here you have one of several Proofs , where you and all the other Administrators, or moderators or whatever, saw and talked about the weapon in beginning of December !!

    Please stop telling people , that you find out about this called "bug" , right after dropping the Rufus-bundle ......

    I had a look at the post you put a screenshot of. The post itself doesn't mention the Reckonin' and the fact that there are no body shots in the video must have slipped through the cracks. In hindsight, we should've watched the video more closely.

    EDIT: Here's the post in question for those interested.
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    I find they should think about giving players the opportunity to give members their gilde resources. That would consolidate the guilds. Otherwise top game
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    So if the body shoots was only an issue then nothing to scream about. It's a part of normal game mechanism. Buying this bundle nobody has in game information that there is no bodyshots as special weapon.
    <img src=""alt="" />
  • Glad you are working on it! Thanks! By the way...who IS this talking dead guy anyway? He cracks me up and I love throwing the reckoning just to get my daily frustrations out at a bunch of hapless witless zombies....whatever would I do without this game...such a sanity saver!
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    Thanks Teec.. I'll contact support wrt my last 5-6 transactions that were to support the Reckonin weapon upgrading/purchases.

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    Teeceezy said:

    @nickc25 This has been discussed with support and they will gladly help out with anybody wishing to get a refund.

    The problem is, support take ages to reply, sometimes it been more than three weeks. I get that it's got a lot of messages and more with each day as more poeple start playing though.

    I've sent a support ticket asking for the new reckonin to be fully upgraded or for the XP and gold I spent upgrading the first one to be refunded and for me to have the first one deleted for now. I don't usually spend gold to level up weapons faster anymore, but I did this event because I wanted to reach 430 as this weapon was helping against the heavies, as it was, I was ill and only got to 425 because I had a day off from the game.

    For me, the issue with the weapon being changed to add body shots is pretty bad and it's extremely testing my principles for a second time. Usually I'd delete the game, apply for a full refund from Apple or my credit card and not use games from that company again but I'm the leader of the guild and it's letting them down too. So I have a choice of either continuing to play because of the guild and annoy myself for not sticking to my principles or stop playing, stick to my principles but let down 39 other people. Yeah it's only a game, people can laugh or dismiss my feelings but it's a game with a little community attached to it.

    I do appreciate that you reply though and @Shteevie too, I just feel that people on the front line of support are being let down by colleagues who are making decisions that annoy players and you guys get the flack. Cheers.
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  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,577
    @nickc25 I do understand your predicament here and I'm sorry this issue is testing your principles. I 100% hope you continue playing though. Support aims at responding to everyone's messages as fast as possible but at times tickets may take longer to respond to depending on different circumstances.
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