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    Why don't you fix it so it hits around blind spots and corners the way it should work? The area damage should be going outwards from the impact, so it should be hitting around corners. It currently doesn't.

    -This fix is already completed, and on the list of changes to be included in 2.4, as far as I know. We wanted to get that change in before making more grenade-like weapons, which should be coming down the line in due time.
    raton said:

    When a LEG reckoning was abailable in the TG shop?

    -I believe he said that all players has a chance to get 'a' Reckonin' in the TG shop, not a Legendary one. The one in the TG shop was Rare.

    We do put a lot of thought into when we can release weapons with special mechanics to the general playerbase for free or earned as a reward but in a way that won't disappoint the players who paid money for the item. In this case, the idea was to make the free/earned weapon available before the paid one so that players would have a better idea of how it worked. It is disappointing to all of us that these mechanics and issues were found out later than they should have been.

    Hey guys, I am New here. But, I need know if this event will keep for every wekeends. Starting on thursday and ending on monday. Would someone help me ?

    -It's a bit off topic, but every week or weekend has different events. We generally release information about the weekend events a day or two before they start. You'll see new and different things all the time!

    Did you also fix the issue where the players are stuck grabbing a draw from the jaws of victory because programmers SCREWED UP the molotov?

    -This bug is on the list of those that need further investigation, and that means it takes longer to identify and implement a fix. However, we are aware of it, and will be getting a change in as soon as possible.

    The molotov cocktail and grenade explosions should radiate out from the impact point...
    Is the molotov the only time that *fire* gives *bodyshots*?

    -See above about the "line of sight" issue - a change is coming in an update in the next short while.

    As for the "fire" line of thinking, I see where it's coming from, but all weapons in the game need to work fairly, and body shot chances are included in that.

    What i should do now as an Android User? I feel tricked twice now, cause some Apple Users have two legendary reckonins now for free, cause they got their refund. That is fraudulent for me.

    -It's disappointing that players will make purchases in the game and then demand a refund immediately, even when there is no problem or misunderstanding with the items that they bought. That is fraudulent, as well. And I may be wrong about this, but I don't think that we ever had the tools to process refunds. We don't get your money directly, or even have payment information that we could use to make a deposit or credit to a player's account. All of the payment information is stored in the app stores, and we may not get any of the individual funds or records of the transactions for weeks or months. I know that this doesn't diffuse your opinion about the issue, but asking us for a direct refund is asking us to time travel and correct the bug before the weapon was released into the wild. And if I could pick, I'd really rather go back and fix things before there was a problem, if only that were possble.

    My question is will you guys ever balance the PvP aspects of the game?

    First off I have no clue what the highest level is for people, hoping it's not some bs crazy high level (I'm currently using 16s). So it's annoying that I keep getting attacked by 17s and 18s. I can't even make a difference with two 14 level armored and two tanks. Please at least allow people to sussessfully defend sometimes.

    -PvP balance is something I hope to get back to after the Challenge rework. I have an idea of what needs fixing in regards to matchmaking and rewards, but I don't expect a huge overhaul to the system.

    The top survivor level is 20, and some players have survivors with more than 5 stars for Legendary status, which makes them even stronger. It is pretty hard to win an outpost fight with attackers or defenders of 2 or more levels below your opponent, and the same goes for walkers.

    I do agree that defenses should have a better shot at winning, and I'll make sure that the dev team makes steps in this direction when we adjust Outpost play.
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    To all the complainers, here is hopefully an analogy that makes you understand why your view is incorrect about the bug...

    So Nike makes a new shoe and you purchase a pair. You discover that in the inside of the shoe there is $100 tucked in the back! Would you believe the $100 was there intentionally? So now other people buy the shoe and there is no $100... can they demand Nike give them the $100?

    No of course not... but this is what happened with the weapon isn't it? Someone discovered the weapon didn't have body shots...this "feature" was never advertised by NG... word got out... and now everyone was buying the weapon... but it should be obvious to everyone that this is not what was intended...

    Before you try to argue about how bad the analogy is, the point is that the "no body shot" was never advertised or intended.... if NG had advertised it as a key selling point, then obviously the arguments would be valid.
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    Teeceezy said:

    @CYBERDOLPHIN8 A weapon that never body shots is hands down the best weapon in the game by a country mile and that's why this bug needed fixing. It was our mistake that the bug made it in the live game and we're having this special weekend event as a thanks for your understanding.

    You fixed it on purpose , after selling it in the shop
    because you knew that everybody will buy it
    That's what makes me and all the others angry.....

    You knew that nobody would buy it, after the nerf-announcement

    That's what I mean with "bad behavior"

    Not the fixing itself......
    I'm not happy with the nerfing, but I don't believe they sold it with the intention of nerfing it afterwards. How many realized there were no body shots possible before they bought the item? I'd say 0.
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    Their sins will find them out.
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    Let me also add @Shteevie .... if you don't want to lose out on all the money people paid for it, just put the bundle back in the store after you refund everyone. By your logic everyone will just repurchase it right???
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    @Shteevie: If you think about a proper compensation, don't forget the big amount of XP we used for levelling the weapon. 3.25 million XP is worth about 75 $/Euro, if we remember the "Boot Camp Bundle". Levelling a weapon costs about 4 million XP, which equals more or less 92 $/Euro. For 100 $/Euro you can buy 17,500 gold. We invested 15 $/Euro into the bundle and got idk 20 phones and 500 gold? We keep this and the XP we could get from scrapping the weapon in mind and get a result:

    Calculating the bad mood you caused, it would be just fair to give every customer, who bought the bundle about 15,000 gold and her/his balance.

    I agree with you, but don't hold your breath. NG doesn't give a damn....

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    At what point do you not understand that point of purchase/sale is an exact law that was set up to stop this kind no of selling,.... Are you blind,.. Or just not getting what's being sId here at all?

    We was sold an item,.. At the time we agreed to spend money the item was without body shot,.. To then go out and change the item in away that lowers it or deminishes its value is down right fraud,.. Hence the law being introduced,.. Now NG think they are above that because of a little disclaimer they have in there terms of agreement,.. But that infringes on the the actual trading laws,. Especially the terms in apples polices,. So no matter how you word it,. No matter how many example you throw out,.. Your just wrong,.. I suggest NG read apples App Store terms and conditions,.. Until then we will continue to complain and demand refunds if not from NG then from Apple and if all else fails by claiming the money back via my bank,.. End of
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    wazzujoel said:

    @Shteevie - if what you say is true about refunds then why don't you (or some representative at NG) contact apple and google and ask them to refund everyone's money for that 15 dollar reckonin purchase. I'll put this very simple

    1. Everyone gets a rare reckonin so you can see it's value
    2. NG offers one to be purchase as a legendary for 15 dollars
    3. After lots purchase it, the entire value of it is changed ... this is FRAUD

    So if you can't directly refund people them contact google and apple to have them automatically refund everyone because that is the moral thing to do

    The flaw in your argument is that it's value never changed from what was advertised... NG never said the weapon did no body shots... thus that's why it was a bug that needed to be fixed..

    Lets see:
    1) Every single weapon has a body shot
    2) A weapon is released and someone notices it doesn't have a body shot

    And your logical conclusion is "OMG NG released a brand new weapon with no body shots and they are not even advertising it! Man they are bad at marketing..."
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    @Shteevie What a crock of fecal matter....

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    This is just me speculating, but since every weapon in the game seems to body shot based on the same formula, I'd assume you would have to make some kind of deliberate change to NOT have a new weapon follow that formula. Plus it's a fire weapon, plus it's a POS without body shot immunity, and therefore it is my personal belief that that weapon's attributes were always intended from the start, despite the official statements. I think they just didn't realize how powerful it would become. But I CERTAINLY do not believe NG had no clue about the body shot issue for an entire month after the original Reckoning came out...... come now NG ;-)

    My suggestion if you don't want to refund thousands of dollars is keep the body shot immunity but give the thing shitty base damage, but then also allow it to hit zombies that are not in direct line of sight.... then it would be much more situational and a bit of a utility weapon, and much better balanced.
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    BarcodeJ said:

    "It's disappointing that players will make purchases in the game and then demand a refund immediately, even when there is no problem or misunderstanding with the items that they bought. That is fraudulent, as well."

    there you go again. Accusing us of being greedy consumers instead of accepting the blame for yourself. We are not the "offenders" here. You are. We had 1 month to play with the weapon. It worked well. It didnt unbalance the game. I didnt get crazy amounts of stars with it. It was a slight edge. Now it is the weakest weapon in the game. Why would i pay 15 dollars for the weakest weapon in the game? Obviously I wouldnt. The refund is justified and I am not trying to scam you. You are all acting like criminals and then blaming us? Wow. Get rid of this guy

    Where did NG say the weapon was not supposed to have body shots?

    And yes, there are greedy customers... and his statement was a general one.. that there are ppl that abuse the apple refund system all the time across many games... and I agree, anyone demanding money back because a bug was fixed is a greedy customer... because we should all be smart enough to know that any online game will have bugs, and bugs will need to be patched. But we can agree to disagree on this topic since I doubt either of us will convince the other...
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    So if you agree you got it wrong,.. Agree you made mistakes,.. Why as a company are you not offering refunds to all who have suffered from your mistake, error,.. Etc?

    Is that not the best way forward as a show of firstly admittance and second a good will gesture to the fan base,.. A lot of who have been far more loyal to your views than I have,..

    An apology is the first step,.. But putting back money in our pockets should be your main,.. It's not the players fault so don't punish them @Shteevie
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    I wonder why you guys keep buying the weapons, its not the first time you complain about nerfing or they nerf it because they made a "mistake"
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    If you can't do refunds, why @Teeceezy suggested to us that we should write an in-game support ticket for a refund?

    And there is an other thing i would like to discuss, how is it possible that our reckonins do bodyshots to higher leveled walkers and so they do less damage now with their explosion and flame, but don't we get the same "flame damage" from level 4 "burning walkers" as level 24 burning ones? It's really weird that you can't fix that for months, but a fun thing we play like the reckonin you can "fix" within a few hours and hurt us.

    -Re: refunds and support tickets
    It's a misstatement on our part, for sure. The goal of the blanket replacement weapon for those that bought the under-powered one was an attempt to cut off the need for the players to make more tickets about the issue when we couldn't help them. I'm certain that we have a better understanding of what support can and cannot do now that we have been involved in this issue.

    Re: 'Burning' states and balance
    Survivors and enemies who have burning lose HP as a function of the victim's max HP, not of the level of the weapon or enemy that applied the burning state. This has always been the case, is not seen as a bug, and therefore is not marked for change. I'm sure you would be disappointed if the molotov's charge attack caused less burning damage to level 30 walkers...

    BarcodeJ said:

    Accusing us of being greedy consumers instead of accepting the blame for yourself. We are not the "offenders" here. You are. We had 1 month to play with the weapon. It worked well. It didnt unbalance the game. I didnt get crazy amounts of stars with it. It was a slight edge. The refund is justified and I am not trying to scam you.

    -My statement was to point out that the refund process in general has little or no input from us, and that what one party views as 'fraudulent' or 'unfair' may not be seen that way universally.

    We can't, for example, only change the weapon properties for those that don't use it exclusively against level 30 walkers in order to sidestep the otherwise globally-applied body shot mechanic. The way that some players use the weapon may be very different from the ways others do, and not all of them will cause problems; just like the refund system.

    Our opinions about what unbalances the game or does not differ. The correction to the bug is justified and we are not trying to scam you or anyone else.

    No one who has posted to this thread is an 'offender'. The frustration expressed here is justified, and I know that I won't be making this kind of error again. We have more test cases in the normal plan for new weapons and I have made some code change requests that will help prevent things like this from happening again. From my position within the development team, these actions are very important to us and we hope that we'll be able to regain some trust from players that were negatively affected by this issue over time.
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    Please note: Development is a fluid process, and suggestions and implementation take time and iteration. Any discussion of future features, deadlines, updates, balance changes, and such should be considered prospective and subject to change.
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