wasted food



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    mcbkhicks said:

    but i do got to admit this is the only time id rather see rare gear in tge crates than food

    Rare gear is of no value. Rather ignore the increase your storage message
  • bsgper4bsgper4 Member Posts: 309
    rare gear is of no value to you maybe but since epic and legendary is a once in a bluemoon occurence and when you do get it its below your level, rare gear is greatly welcomed.
  • mcbkhicksmcbkhicks Member Posts: 686
    plus @SCBMA alot of times it happens is when i get a silver or gold crate too
  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 6,689
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    I maxed on november and after nothing has been the same.
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  • ZardoxZardox Member Posts: 123
    This is not a minor issue you are pissing off all your long time players I'm getting ready ready to quit (all the money I spend will go somewhere else)
  • JuanloJuanlo Member Posts: 89
    There are many options that should be easy to patch on the store while we wait for the big change:

    Tomato for Trade Goods (already implemented but must be enabled on the store)
    Tomato for XP
    Tomato for Gold
    Tomato for Phones
    Tomato for Gear
    Tomato for Gas
    Tomato for Tokens

    Any of them would be good for us. C'mon guys, do something please.
  • mcbkhicksmcbkhicks Member Posts: 686
    edited January 2017
    i want to do scavange runs so i can take part in the jackpot event... im gettin burned out on just only doing raids... as its now im not even gonna do challanges as not to get food in crates.. it wont hurt or give any extra advantage to us players who been playin since day 1 its gettin annoying havin this happen again just put tg for foid in shop for 1 day & all will be good
  • Tapatio75Tapatio75 Member Posts: 636
    They won't let us trade food for tg with the excuse that we would trade them for the 50 tokens and gain an advantage over the lower levels
  • GebobsGebobs Member Posts: 428
    Just joined the "Millions Mega Mater Club" (tm) yesterday. I knew as my maters were going up to 14, 15, 16, and 17 million that it would be really annoying to see those storage facilities pegged out at max. I'm the kind of person that likes a clean, orderly camp with no notifications. And there they are, six big orange (or are they red?) loogies just driving me absolutely bats.

    And then to make matters worse, every time more maters come my way, I get the popup suggesting that I upgrade my storage facilities. Uh, gee, duh thanks. Why didn't I think of that? Derp derp!

    Zapping the walkers at the camp (generally one of the more annoying activities in the game now that you never can see all of them on the screen at one time since NG took away the zoom out) is all the more sad when one just goes up in a puff of smoke only to have that durn popup display again.

    Let's see...what else? Oh yeah, no sense using Glenn's leader trait anymore, amirite?

    It's a decent, mindless game, but this is definitely a hot-button issue and should be dealt with before anything else. Even more than having shelled out good coin for the Reckonin' only to have it bungled with the "bug" fix. Elevate please.
  • Top8dogTop8dog Member Posts: 738

    I think not,.........
  • biffleybiffley Member Posts: 44
    Guess what. I should upgrade my storage. Which, of course, I can't do.

    Thanks game for the reminder that I could be spending time elsewhere.
  • RocketmanRocketman Member Posts: 227
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    @Shteevie Supplies for a legendary gear crate or epic even, hell a legendary box that's normally 500 tg, have one to pick from and switch them up each refresh. If hoarding trade goods and or phones is the main concern from offering the supplies to trade goods in the shop, than this would be a solution. It wouldn't really be a unfair advantage to anyone as all these things I've listed are random what you get. It's not a specific peice of gear with perfect traits. You might spend all your supplies on leg gear crates and scrap it all as it's not what your looking for, but it will make people happy to at least have the chance and also stop getting reminded that your storage is full.
  • JuanloJuanlo Member Posts: 89
    Very happy for the 1 min gas event starting tomorrow, although it will mean even more wasted food. C'mon NG, making your customers happier can't be that bad. Gives us the TG exhange again.
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
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    Please offer more "often" exchange supplies to TG. It's really good temporary solution. @Shteevie
    Especially now after reckoning affair...
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  • KaLiKaLi Member Posts: 426
    this new year is starting out so great...
  • VerbaubVerbaub Member Posts: 650
    Meet the new year, same as the old year ...
  • sborgsborg Member Posts: 579
    SCBMA said:

    I just watched four more in camp cinema ads and two of my rewards were tomatoes.

    Maybe that's the answer. Stop watching the videos. See how the advertisers like that. Let NG explain the reasoning behind their decision to them.
  • biffleybiffley Member Posts: 44
    I stopped watching vids. I don't need to see the 1001st showing of a game's vid just to be awarded more suppliers I can't use.
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
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    My guild broke the 500,000 challenge star threshold after the Slaughterhouse challenge, so I had 23 guild gifts to open. 13 were supplies and totally useless to me. I'm sure it was similar for other 19 guildmates. They fixed the issue with gas rewards when you are playing with a booster, why can't they fix the supply issue as well?
  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
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    > @Juanlo said:
    > There are many options that should be easy to patch on the store while we wait for the big change:
    > Tomato for Trade Goods (already implemented but must be enabled on the store)
    > Tomato for XP
    > Tomato for Gold
    > Tomato for Phones
    > Tomato for Gear
    > Tomato for Gas
    > Tomato for Tokens
    > Any of them would be good for us. C'mon guys, do something please.

    You forgot one option.
    Remove the bloody storage limit!!
    Still better than nothing, and better than being constantly told to upgrade storage.

    I am now forming ETC© (The Excess Tomato Club). Membership is free.
    We shall be hosting loads of tomato-based activities which will be listed in a future post. Any suggestions will be welcome too.
    Me? I shall be spending a little more time figuring out {[the other]} TWD game......... o:)
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