Fix to the Reckonin' and Weekend Event News



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    Doxxing over a nerfed weapon is the epitome of bad form. I didn't see the post, but hope that didn't happen. :neutral:

    Edit: oh never mind. I thought someone posted personal info! Sorry @avelardez!
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    @Julialicious - You won't have any luck with google play. When interrupt was nerfed I know many people in two top guilds that got refunds from Apple. Everyone in those same two guilds had no luck with Android. Your best bet is to contact your bank first thing in the morning. Good luck
  • Sturmgewehr762Sturmgewehr762 Member Posts: 8
    Teeceezy said:

    Poppy said:

    Hmm this should have really being announced prior to the legendary version going on sale you know guys. Thought you had got away from these shenanigans.

    Unfortunately we only discovered this issue after the Rufus Bundle had gone on sale.

    Since it has a "bomb effect", why would it matter if it has a "body shot effect". It's not like a body shot from a gun. It's a bomb. Doesn't matter if it's a body shot or not. Zombie goes boom. So I think this fix is rediculous. Plus, why is it that if I throw a bomb at a zombie, and he's got one standing next to him, but in the shadow, it doesn't blow him up. If we're going for realism can you fix this?
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    For the record I did not bring up the fact that the reckonin should be fixed. I wasn't even aware that it had a problem. I thought it was working as intended since we had the rare one to play with for a month. After using it and seeing how amazing it was, I bought the legendary. Of course immediately some people had issues of wrong traits and were given second legendary for free. That is what I brought up. The fact that some people had 3-4 reckonins while some people had 0-2 and I suggested they be made more readily available. i.e. TG shop, from crates, more purchases, etc. I don't see how suggesting people be able to get more reckonins has anything at all to do with it being flawed and needing fixed. I think everyone who purchased it should get a refund. I truly believe we did not get what we paid for and I'm as outraged as anyone. If they felt it was too powerful and needed fixed that's fine. But that needed to be discovered before we paid real money for it. If they truly only discovered THEIR error today, then they should've gladly given a full refund of the reckonin.

    Sorry if I misrepresented what your comment was, what I meant is that the conversation was created by you and others about the weapon (the additional item that some received, not nerfing the weapon), which eventually led to the issues with the weapon that were seen.

    The point being that the conversation was not in a vacuum, and players are represented by more then one guild as suggested.
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    Attention All, I was denied a refund from Google, they said its been more than 48 hours since my purchase. I said, well yes, but the cause for my request was a change that happened TODAY.

    Didn't matter, they said no, it was the Developers responsibility after 48 hrs.


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    A great way to start out the new year!

    Alongside the 1 min gas; I hope we can at least get some food exchange this weekend! Many of my mates are maxed out and its hurts to see them food go to waste.
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    Never having used Dufus anyway, and disposing of his rare weapon in favour of a leg assault rifle, I never knew of the 'error'.

    Now, please can we exchange some tomatoes for TG!!!
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  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
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    wazzujoel said:

    That's kind of you @WeekOne. The problem though isn't that google play doesn't have a support line contact numbers, but that they absolutely refuse to issue any refunds for in game purchases under any condition. their response is "take it up with the game creator". And NG is saying "take it up with google". Basically no one on android will take accountability for ripping off customers.

    Hmmm few months ago I received refund from other game for ingame purchase without any problems from Google. Something changed in this matter ?
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  • AndreiCasAndreiCas Member Posts: 1
    I want my money back! You can't do this... 1 min gas for only 4 days is not a fair compensation for a nerfed weapon...
  • CRUSHCRUSH Member Posts: 583
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    It all would be ridiculous if this game was only to be played for free / fun.


    NG sold something with special characteristics and players (not me) paid just for this.
    Maybe after the sale NG got the information that something was wrong (not as intended), they are not to change it easily because it’s sold the way it is. And it’s about something essential, the power of this weapon.

    There are only two ways to change it.
    1) Asking the paying players, if they are fine with the coming changes. If it’s OK to them, everything is fine.
    2) Taking back the wrong one, doing refund and sell the right one in the shop.

    It seems it’s not the first time that the power of a weapon was downgraded after sale. In view of this experience, NG should test more before anything is sold. Multiple disappointed customer confidence can be fatal.

    So NG, please take a clear position, clean up the problem and prevent us from something like this happening again by doing good job in developing and testing.

    I would be interested in how often this bundle (and other “nerfed” bundles) was sold.

    Sorry for my bad English.
  • CRUSHCRUSH Member Posts: 583
    edited January 2017
    I also played Rufus for fun in the lower challenges.

    This is not necessarily my topic, but the game suffers from bad marketing.

    I'm playing free. So I have no reason to complain.
    It irritated me, however, when the hunting rifles, which had been upgraded by hard work, were shortened within range, and suddenly pistols had the greatest range.
    So NG should better think three times instead of twice if changes are to be done.
  • valereeevalereee Member Posts: 179
    So that I know what exactly I'm ostensibly paying for when I buy something, can someone point me to the 'as advertised' sections of the game website for items offered for sale? I'm not finding these sections at -- would they be somewhere else? For instance, what EXACTLY are the officially-determined traits of Daryl's Legendary Crossbow? The photo in my shop doesn't make it clear, and I'd hate to pay $14.99 for something I'm making assumptions about. Is a legendary crossbow, for instance, always silenced? I would have assumed so, but perhaps a weapon that was always silenced would upset the balance of the game.
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