Fix to the Reckonin' and Weekend Event News



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    I am a largely FTP player. The last weapons bundles I purchased were two rifle bundles last spring or summer. I do splurge for a gas booster, no more than once a week. I did get the Rare Reckonin' from the TG shop, but I have never upgraded it or used it in a mission (or Rufus, for that matter). I did not purchase the legendary Reckonin'. I just wanted to point out that whenever NG "fixes" something, it is always made less powerful. Unless, of course, the fix is for the strength of the Walkers. Just something I've noticed.
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    @Mystique , I own the rare version and have upgraded it (I got it since I like to collect unique weapons, I still have Wide Margin the free Morgan's Staff), I used it to test on some missions and outpost and until yesterday I had no idea regarding the "no body shot" issue. It was never discussed on the forum until yesterday.
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    Oh it was mentioned, not in detail, by a few players, and each time I thought to myself "Shhhhhhhhhhh! You idiot!"

    Exactly. I think those who bought the weapon are due a refund on principle. NG's timing on the fix and opposition to refunds makes them look really bad, whether or not it was intended as a bait and switch, and I wish they would reconsider.

    But those posters who are claiming this info was "all over the forums" and "everybody knew" are being disingenuous at best. The only reference I saw was in an earlier Reckonin thread where someone was asking if it was supposed to function like other ranged weapons. Lots of people may have known (I didn't), but there wasn't much attention drawn to the fact. I suspect most who knew were quietly hoping NG wouldn't notice, because they knew NG would change it when they found out. Because it wasn't intended. Which says a lot about the righteous attitude on display from some posters. A lot of players knew of this weapon behavior, but didn't dare ask because they knew it woukd be nerfed if the answer was no.
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    Guys, guys, they won't make the Reckonin more powerful or more useful...

    Rule #1: The Reckonin was intended as a novelty, not to overshadow any other aspect of the game.

    This is a fact.

    Some of us used it anyway, discovered how it could be a bit helpful to soften up bulky walkers...
    (I personal only got maybe 5-10 more stars than usual with it, hardly over powered, but useful)

    As more people started to discover its usefulness, NG saw fit to invoke Rule #1.

    I doubt our spent $$ ever played a part in their decision. Rule #1, that is all.

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    Mamamia said:

    Open letter to NG:

    I had no idea that The Reckoning wasn't causing body shots. I honestly don't pay that close attention. All I knew was that it was fun and effective. I purchased the legendary based on the performance of the rare.

    I was only able to eke out 6 more challenge stars than normal. I don't see how this completely overbalanced the game. My hunters and shooters were still more deadly. The Molotov cocktail softened the Z's up nice for the kill.

    Then you have no problem with the correction to the item as it is. For you the item still functions as normal, still does the damage indicated with the same stats that were listed.

    The issue was not getting 6 more stars then normal, it was getting 100's. This was with the rare version of the weapon, now with a Legendary version (or 2) maps could/would have been endlessly repeatable again.
  • SebiSebi Posts: 146
    And that would have been really bad right? Players having fun is really bad .Especially in a game.How is that bad?Nobody repeats endlessly.As leader boards are broken not even a 2 days player cares about the number of stars. It's become irrelevant for 99% of players. Seems only purpose in life for NG developers is to nerf the game to hell just for me or other players not to be able to get a few stars by repeating a few times a few's insane. By nerfing everything they impact all players equally .well that's not quite true. They drive away the one suporting the most the game. It's like getting fire to your pants. They'll burn indeed but you'll burn with them too.
  • kryptonixkryptonix Member Posts: 253
    edited January 2017
    @Mystique @Mamamia the point being is at an equal level of RSL to survivor the effect of the reckonin was not as apparent as to a point when you reached RSL +5.

    Meaning at an equal level you may have been better off using, as was noted, a shooter or hunter that provided more damage. However at the point in time where all shots are now body shots, the weapon becomes all powerful.

    As such again, it wasn't about the 6 extra stars but the 100 extra stars. At that equal level the weapon performs almost equally to how it did previously, give or take some RNG.
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    I always loved this quote...."You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."

    I don't know why that just came to mind to me....

  • DLichDLich Member Posts: 5,554
    This doesn't exactly pertain to this thread but relevant. When NG changed ricks pistol for fear it would be too powerful is it still an investment people find worth it?

    Meaning is it any different than any other random legendary item I might find from s crate?

    Assuming all things equal; does ricks pistol stand out as a weapon that delivers something that "can't be found on any other drop in the game"?

    If the answer is no then you just did the same thing to the reckonin.

    At least Morgan's staff and that pole thing do special things. Reckonin acts special (circle of fire) and looks cool but it's non "memorable" so to speak.

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  • WeekOneWeekOne Member Posts: 1,195
    Mystique said:

    Ummmm are you playing the same game as the rest of us @kryptonix? Aren't you in Conquer that competes for top leaderboards? Don't you all push yourselves 3-5 RSL above your levels? This "bug" wasn't news to any of you! Seriously not trying to call you out and be rude.. but come on now.. I'm not buying it that you all didn't know about this way before the "nerf"

    @Mystique I'm pretty sure most figured it out (the ones who like to push the limits). We all got our 2nd reckonin at the same time and that's when it became more apparent as to how the game would become one weapon/one class 'pay to win' game and clearly that is not NG's intention.

    They reacted immediately; and for that, I appreciate it.
  • WeekOneWeekOne Member Posts: 1,195
    I'm still not happy that some players have two legendary Reckonin for the price of one. I'm going to swallow that pill. I really liked the reckonin :'(
  • WeekOneWeekOne Member Posts: 1,195
    I know @Mystique but the weapon was overpowering... it's plain and simple. All the other weapons give body shots at a certain RSL above ours and The Reckonin should be no different.

    As for what do we win? Not enough, as guildies. We need more rewards!
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