Chapter 13 Mission 6: Nightmare difficulty

First, this game is so much fun and I play religiously, but I can't seem to get past this mission! I have level 20 legendary survivors with legendary equipment maxed out. It seems like any of my survious I bring to the fight don't do enough damage to the walkers with armor.
I sure could use some advice or tips on how to conquer this mission.


  • DCNatsDCNats Member Posts: 223
    I just finished this one. I believe that I used lvl 20 warrior, bruiser and shooter to get through it. The warrior and bruiser help keep the spawning down and are better against the armored walkers. My bruiser has Morgan's staff so he could stun multiple walkers at a time and create some bottlenecks.
  • DCNatsDCNats Member Posts: 223
    One other note. I believe the initial walkers start at lvl 23 so the bruiser stuns are fine. Once the next wave spawns at lvl 24, the stuns don't always take so keep that in mind.
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