Fix to the Reckonin' and Weekend Event News



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    To be honest it's becoming quite hilarious that Conquer keeps being brought up. I can assure you we don't make the calls for NextGames. We are players just like everyone else and we go through the motions like everyone else.

    You have probably never seen Conquer come on the forums with such disgusting comments about other guilds?

    Show some civility but also some class.

    We are all human beings who love a game.

    So although we are dysfunctional at times, we are family on the forums and should treat each other as such.
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    WeekOne said:

    Hey if you don't want to @javajnkie , that's OK. At least I can say "I tried"

    I was defending you from some pretty outrageous posts. I'll stop now. I feel like I've entered the twilight zone, so I'm just going to back away from the forums for now.
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    The old saying...

    " kill them all, and let GOD sort out, what is right, and what is wrong "...

    Is so accurate, as to this situation...

    It's a pity that God can't fix NextGames problems...
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

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    @javajnkie Maybe I misunderstood your comment about me calling someone some kind of stupid as a jab at me.

    I took that back and it stayed probably less than a minute on the forums.

    I'm seriously getting tired of all the comments directed at Conquer.
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    Shteevie said:

    Why don't you fix it so it hits around blind spots and corners the way it should work? The area damage should be going outwards from the impact, so it should be hitting around corners. It currently doesn't.

    -This fix is already completed, and on the list of changes to be included in 2.4, as far as I know. We wanted to get that change in before making more grenade-like weapons, which should be coming down the line in due time.
    raton said:

    When a LEG reckoning was abailable in the TG shop?

    -I believe he said that all players has a chance to get 'a' Reckonin' in the TG shop, not a Legendary one. The one in the TG shop was Rare.

    We do put a lot of thought into when we can release weapons with special mechanics to the general playerbase for free or earned as a reward but in a way that won't disappoint the players who paid money for the item. In this case, the idea was to make the free/earned weapon available before the paid one so that players would have a better idea of how it worked. It is disappointing to all of us that these mechanics and issues were found out later than they should have been.

    Hey guys, I am New here. But, I need know if this event will keep for every wekeends. Starting on thursday and ending on monday. Would someone help me ?

    -It's a bit off topic, but every week or weekend has different events. We generally release information about the weekend events a day or two before they start. You'll see new and different things all the time!

    Did you also fix the issue where the players are stuck grabbing a draw from the jaws of victory because programmers SCREWED UP the molotov?

    -This bug is on the list of those that need further investigation, and that means it takes longer to identify and implement a fix. However, we are aware of it, and will be getting a change in as soon as possible.

    The molotov cocktail and grenade explosions should radiate out from the impact point...
    Is the molotov the only time that *fire* gives *bodyshots*?

    -See above about the "line of sight" issue - a change is coming in an update in the next short while.

    As for the "fire" line of thinking, I see where it's coming from, but all weapons in the game need to work fairly, and body shot chances are included in that.

    What i should do now as an Android User? I feel tricked twice now, cause some Apple Users have two legendary reckonins now for free, cause they got their refund. That is fraudulent for me.

    -It's disappointing that players will make purchases in the game and then demand a refund immediately, even when there is no problem or misunderstanding with the items that they bought. That is fraudulent, as well. And I may be wrong about this, but I don't think that we ever had the tools to process refunds. We don't get your money directly, or even have payment information that we could use to make a deposit or credit to a player's account. All of the payment information is stored in the app stores, and we may not get any of the individual funds or records of the transactions for weeks or months. I know that this doesn't diffuse your opinion about the issue, but asking us for a direct refund is asking us to time travel and correct the bug before the weapon was released into the wild. And if I could pick, I'd really rather go back and fix things before there was a problem, if only that were possble.

    My question is will you guys ever balance the PvP aspects of the game?

    First off I have no clue what the highest level is for people, hoping it's not some bs crazy high level (I'm currently using 16s). So it's annoying that I keep getting attacked by 17s and 18s. I can't even make a difference with two 14 level armored and two tanks. Please at least allow people to sussessfully defend sometimes.

    -PvP balance is something I hope to get back to after the Challenge rework. I have an idea of what needs fixing in regards to matchmaking and rewards, but I don't expect a huge overhaul to the system.

    The top survivor level is 20, and some players have survivors with more than 5 stars for Legendary status, which makes them even stronger. It is pretty hard to win an outpost fight with attackers or defenders of 2 or more levels below your opponent, and the same goes for walkers.

    I do agree that defenses should have a better shot at winning, and I'll make sure that the dev team makes steps in this direction when we adjust Outpost play.
    I just gave you the benefit of the doubt and said it's unfair to blame you. You've just said you're disappointed in customers and called them fraudsters. I'm absolutely disgusted at this post. Ok catching up on page 4 and I read this. I have taken screenshots of this, I'm not going to bother with Apple, I'm just going to go to my bank and inform them that I've been defrauded. Wow.
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    Bringing it back on topic... I've got a great idea!

    How about NG stops scamming people and returns the 15 dollars to everyone who fell victim to their latest reckonin cash grab?
  • WeekOneWeekOne Member Posts: 1,195
    @ant I am not a cheerleader for @Helio ... I said hallelujah because I'm tired of some of the comments being made on the forums and this thread. It's vial personal attacks against NG and other players.
  • WeekOneWeekOne Member Posts: 1,195
    JVC_TWD said:

    @WeekOne Conquer gets brought up because it seems like only Conquer agrees with what NG does lol

    It's not that hard to see

    Wrong about that @JVC_TWD Conquer has voiced many concerns/issues with the game. It just happens that we don't all agree.

  • wazzujoelwazzujoel Member Posts: 42
    WeekOne said:

    I'm seriously getting tired of all the comments directed at Conquer.

    When you and your guild mates take a position on a hot issue that very counter to the vast majority of opinions, then yeah you're going to see a lot of backlash. It would be like if I went onto a pro Clinton message board after the US election and said "losers!!! Yay trump", If I was you I wouldn't be surprised that the members didn't respond nicely to that. I'm not saying you deserve it, but it's a little silly you're pretending you don't know why you are receiving it. I've been a member for what 2 days? Pretty obvious to me why and I've only read this thread!
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    The " Reckoning " weapon, is not a viable weapon...

    An Assult Weapon with a wide arc is the only weapon that works with Assult Warriors... The area of damage by the " Reckoning " is too small...

    The problem is NextGames's business practices...
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

  • WeekOneWeekOne Member Posts: 1,195
    Very well said @jester
  • kryptonixkryptonix Member Posts: 253
    > @WeekOne said:
    > @WeekOne Conquer gets brought up because it seems like only Conquer agrees with what NG does lol
    > It's not that hard to see
    > Wrong about that @JVC_TWD Conquer has voiced many concerns/issues with the game. It just happens that we don't all agree.

    First of all, again we take posts from 1 or 2 people to assume that is the voice of the whole. There are actually a few members of Conquer in this thread voicing the same displeasure as the rest, even with their tag under their comments.

    I am only defending the balancing of the weapon, which was needed. I understand it was a ton of fun to melt through the RSL 30 levels, I did my fair share of it as well. But if at any point we actually get competition on the leaderboards with actual rewards (please!) gameplay needs to be balanced.

    I know when NG was directly informed of an issue with the weapon. People may surmise otherwise but I have yet to see any direct evidence, only that they should of figured it out from posted videos not directly copied to them.

    As for the refund issue, my view point is made and hopefully it is rectified going forward for the Play store users that can't get refunds.
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    @C_Lloyd where are all the comments of my guild mate @CYBERDOLPHIN8 ?

    I can't see them anymore, but he still see his own comments. It's a bit weird.
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  • WeekOneWeekOne Member Posts: 1,195
    Thank you @kryptonix
  • JVC_TWDJVC_TWD Member Posts: 496
    @kryptonix a lot of competition in the leaderboards just no rewards lol
  • WeekOneWeekOne Member Posts: 1,195
    Sorry for the misunderstanding @javajnkie and thank you for trying to help out with this forum user... much appreciated! <3
  • VOODOOVOODOO Member Posts: 54
    I can confirm Apple is issuing full refunds.

    Perhaps NG should consider following Apple's lead regarding customer service.
  • wazzujoelwazzujoel Member Posts: 42
    From my perspective, feels like the majority of this thread was about the refund. I personally don't think many are as upset about the rebalancing of it. Sure it was an awesome weapon but I'm okay with them rebalancing it.
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