Fix to the Reckonin' and Weekend Event News



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    @ant I didn't put any words in your mouth... you clearly called Helio a NG Cheerleader and then proceeded to ask me if I was done cheering for little Helio when I chose to get into the conversation (which I am allowed to do by the way just like anyone else on this forum).

    These types of comments are offensive to me. Some days I can let it roll off my back and other days, maybe not.

    The bottom line is this for me: any/all forum users should feel safe coming here to post their opinions... Forum users should respect other people's views (even when we disagree on issues) and have a constructive debate instead of petty name calling and especially not vial attacks like some of us witnessed last night and lately.

    Edit: I agree with your last comment by the way... Good Night!
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    @Shteevie Here's a constructive suggestion. How about increasing the critical chance slightly to make it as effective as the other assault weapons in it's class, but not all powerful. I loved playing with it. It was fun! But, as it is now, it's just plain goofy. Or increase the range and effective area to be on a par with the others. Tweak it so it is not rendered useless, please. I would never spend the time to get hundreds of extra stars. I just want to be able to use it! I had been waiting for this weapon for a long time. It was actually in the message I sent when I applied to my guild in June: I get 310 stars and know how to make ethanol for consumption and Molotov cocktails. I think everyone would be a lot less upset if it wasn't just taking space up in the arsenal. And all I wanna do is blow stuff (and thangs) up!!!
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    It has 60% damage, right? So I'm going to be testing it this weekend with another assault, maybe Abraham, and a hunter or shooter. Anyone else interested in doing this and sharing if it helps? Just a thought. (Survivor would need 15% marksmanship as a trait)

    [edit] correction, it should read critical damage... thank you @Amazayn for pointing that detail out.

    [edit] The actual trait is called Destructive Lol
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    Are you kidding me right now @Amazayn ? OK critical damage. I'll edit that post right now. I am not convinced that the weapon is useless. If that is true then any/all of our weapons are useless because any/all weapons should have bodyshots at a certain RSL above our own. What you are arguing is that you want a weapon that will ignore the bodyshot rule and if it doesn't ignore that rule, you consider it useless.

    Not gonna happen... that is not what NG wants and I believe they have made that crystal clear many times.
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    [player edit] disregard.... body shots can happen at any level. I just don't pay attention to it during low level grind. Sorry about that.
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    Teeceezy- can you or someone explain the thought process behind the nerf of Reckonin'? Exactly why did a firebomb suddenly become a useless "body shot" delivering butter knife? I now have a pinkie L20 Assault throwing a legendary, fully maxed L23 POS. It doesn't even kill an L12 Armored Guard now, when used by that 6-star, level 20 assault. This one is the biggest crock of crap I've seen. Especially given the fact that NG has made no efforts to actually compensate those of us that paid for this prior to you guys suddenly deciding to make it a useless weapon. I'm sure any player would have chosen otherwise had they known it would become a piece of trash within 48 hours of purchase.

    Now obviously, you're going to give some PR answer, but the proper one would be either "sorry we screwed you guys, stole your money under false pretenses, here's a refund" OR the most proper one would be "damn son you're right! Firebombs and napalm don't do body shots! We're going to set things back to 'pre-got-our-head-stuck-up-our-bum' mode. At least for the legendary items!"

    I, like most every other player I assume, bought the weapon due to the performance (also known as advertising) of the free weapon that came out with Rufus. So I'd really prefer the weapon work as advertised before I bought it.

    Thanks, for primarily giving us a hell of a great game to play, but also for taking the time to read these comments. And for you guys re-looking, as well as properly balancing the strengths of our weapons, armors and characters, against that of the opposition force, in the near future. Yes I know that one's a pipe dream but hey, as a PR guy myself, a little PSYOP never hurts.
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    NextGames is operating their business, the way they always have...

    They can't change...

    They have troubles... Big troubles...
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

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    @Shteevie @Teeceezy
    Just food for thought. The sole purpose I bought the Legendary Reckonin was because if this reason, power. Just like I bought Ricks silenced pistol last year and all interrupt weapons. Because of their unique power and ability. The Rare version allowed for purchase in the trade shop was very affective when used as a stock weapon. So I quickly upgraded with xp and gold and found that it was the best weapon out and I could only imagine what an epic or Legendary would do. Even at the broken state of the first issued Legendary version, which I got. It would melt away them armor walkers and them tanks would be set on fire and in time can be defeated. Just don't get near them because then you get set in fire and can die as I found the hard way.

    This new weapon was a godsend to mastering RSL 30 missions. It was putting Rufus, who many laughed at and thought was a garbage fighter from post here and on FB, on the tier of greatness. Rufus' trait the squirrel charge mixed with this weapon will take any fighter very far. This weapon helped use Rufus' trait greatly to.

    This once great weapon allowed a great tactic for three solid weeks of challenges to be had in open areas. Close quarters it helped much with numerous walkers to reduce the spawns and work your way out of tricky spots even if only getting one star. It would melt away up to level 27 walkers and leave enough room to finish off with the Rare Reckonin or another fighter. Simply put, this weapon was used on other challenge missions the first week Rufus was released to us along with the Rare Reckonin and helped reach RSL30 that week. It would burn through them walkers and help you out so much at several mission reaching RSL 30. Maybe this weapon was the key to reach RSL 30 in all missions since luck dodge and interrupt were replaced with body shots and combat balancing?

    Was thinking back on why the game only gave use a Rare version that worked so good and then when this new issued version being a legendary one came out. Did someone see after the fact how much of a game changer this weapon was and said, "I need to pull this weapon but can't because so many bought it. Let's just find something to tweak in it. Body shots, yeah, we need to use the body shot logic on it. That will get them! We can use our combat balancing wording and fix our mistake and we will not be financially liable. We are doing so good with business who care if we loses a few thousand customers. New ones will replace them in time and this will be long forgotten about." Well in a few weeks this will blow over and will be forgotton about and remembers as another infamous nerf unless this company is held accountable for its actions. So please take that to them bosses setting in them corporate seats at NG and show them.

    In my three pictures attached they show the ability to reach 5-7 RSL above our level 20 fighters. I used to be able to reach RSL 28 on BBQ using full interrupt weapons back in September. It was a long tactical dance with them fatties. Sometimes I would get out of step and fall and it cost me dearly. During hunter week I was able to reach RSL 26 with that added 50% damage given on hunters on double trouble. However, last week I did reach RSL 30 on double trouble anyway.
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    Has anybody mentioned it still doesnt working correctly. Two points...

    1) surely the damage should radiate out from the central point. At the moment it doesn't hit walkers who aren't in the throwers line of sight.

    2) there's no collateral damage to your own survivors. If it hits a walker who is stood next to a survivor it really should cause dame to them too.
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    Wow this thread got crazy
    Elder of dragons weyr a top USA guild
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    “Several of them would have protested if they could have found the right arguments.”
    ― George Orwell, Animal Farm

    so, with that statement :
    @ mitze90
    1) surely the damage should radiate out from the central point. At the moment it doesn't hit walkers who aren't in the throwers line of sight.
    Then @Shteevie
    -There is a code fix for your first point ready to be included in the next major update. Expect more news about that soon.

    Here is my argument
    NG fixed what was a " bug, not working with in game design, etc. etc. " from their "NG's" point a view but left the "bug " that does not allow a flame based area type weapon to affect anything in the line of sight.

    Just seems odd to me

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    so , if the body shot is based when walkers are +2 /+3 of the lvl of the survivors, what would be the reason for flame based body shots on armored walkers -4 lvl below my survivors?

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    wazzujoel said:

    WeekOne said:

    I'm seriously getting tired of all the comments directed at Conquer.

    When you and your guild mates take a position on a hot issue that very counter to the vast majority of opinions, then yeah you're going to see a lot of backlash. It would be like if I went onto a pro Clinton message board after the US election and said "losers!!! Yay trump", If I was you I wouldn't be surprised that the members didn't respond nicely to that. I'm not saying you deserve it, but it's a little silly you're pretending you don't know why you are receiving it. I've been a member for what 2 days? Pretty obvious to me why and I've only read this thread!
    @wazzujoel this is where i draw the line. This post does not belong to anyone or a point of view. It belongs to the forums and all users. And as such, anybody has the right to state their thoughts freely. Or just because you are not in the majority you cannot speak otherwise?

    Please note that i ofc agree that in such a topic, stating an opposite view will probably generate comments going the other way. This is one thing. Another completely different thing is calling people names because you disagree. Majority or not.

    And btw no, i am not in Conquer!
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    Thank you @Papacas

    @all I have been playing with the legendary Reckonin with an all assault lvl 20 legendary team (exception: Abraham is epic and another one is a 7 star)... All of my assault have the 'marksman trait'.

    I put Abraham as the leader with the reckonin and had two other with lvl 23 assault weapons with gold skull.

    I was able to kill no problem lvl 25 regular walkers but it required more than one hit. The walkers did get body shots but every other weapons do that so no surprise to me.

    I see no problems whatsoever with the Reckonin, it is certainly NOT useless to me.

    I was even lucky enough to kill a few regular lvl 25 walkers on the 1st shot which was a bonus. Armoured and fatties are different.

    The level 25 fatty, I used the Varmint Blast on the fatty and it was dead quicker than usual because it lost power because it was burning and that was a huge bonus.
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    Yup... Welcome to the Thunderdome...

    Two men enter.........
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

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    No ... it is NOT a fairness issue

    It is NOT,a money issue

    It is a HOW DO YOU TREAT FIRE issue.

    Even considering fairness
    The molotov starts at less damage points than the cone type assault weapons at each rarity level for each weapon level (iirc at green 15 it is a two point loss

    The molotov only gets the 9 squares hit by the target circle, the cone type weapons hit more targets...

    Every one knew that the molotov behaved differently

    Do not screw us over because the original programmer does not know how to use a remark line to detail the reasoning
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    The fix is in...

    The supremacy of the wall of bruisers is assured until the next update.

    The only weapon that had a chance of challenging this was nerfed...

    I guess that flames and explosions are assumed to radiate outward from somewhere on the walker instead of simply blowing up at the walkers feet.

    Grenades would blow up at targets feet (possibly all critical)

    Molotov would explode on the target or at the feet... management position is aauming a "body shot" would be the ground? Contrairwise, With the flames, "body shots" could be nerfing it twice instead of once, because in some ways, the damage reduction already assumes hitting the ground

    Flames would radiate upward from tge ground

    Electricity would be critical... (full body zap)

    Bear traps would be a body shot
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