Why can't we get any good equipment??

I have been doing the equipment scavenges for the past 3 days... Average 20 to 30 per day with the 1 minuet gas. I have seen LOTS of Gold crates! Even hit the "Jackpot" of all gold crates once and the silver 2 times. I have yet to see ANY Legandary or even Epic gear from any crates in the equipment scavenges on hard setting...
This is very UNCOOL! You don't know how UNCOOL that is!! (Thanks Negan)
Why can't we get decent gear without spending $$ for it?
The regular crates (on hard setting) should have MINIMUM Uncommon but mostly Rare gear, Silver should be mix of Rare & Epic gear.
GOLD CRATES SHOULD BE GOLD WORTY ITEMS. Gold crates should have mix of Epic & Legendary gear only. I don't even get excited anymore when I see a gold crate like I used to because I know it won't have anything I can use...
If I am on a Equipment scavenge I should see Equipment not supplies & EXP. The only time I have seen legendary gear come up is in the low level challenge missions. Once you get to level 12 or so there's no more legendary gear...
If I am on a hard equipment salvage mission I should not see any crate that is below a rare value. If I'm on the easy mode fine give me the "'Common goods" But they have no place in the hard mission side.
This is so frustrating when you do mission after mission after mission and you get nothing that is worthy of your effort.
The only time you can get anything is if we pay for it... THAT IS SO UNCOOL!!
NG needs to do something to fix this system. Please make any suggestions that you may have.
Somehow I should be able to find legendary equipment level 19 or 20 without paying COLD HARD CASH for it.
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  • Kappa123Kappa123 Member Posts: 203
    you're saying you opened maybe 50 gold chests and didn't even see ANY epic gear? that seems astronomically unlikely.

    but i have heard one similar report.

    it could be a bug. you could send a ticket ingame (you will be told that you were just unlucky but you have to explain your situations exactly then)

  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,433
  • hiplnsdrftrhiplnsdrftr Member Posts: 197
    It's not a bug. Sounds about inline with my experience. There have been multiple threads about this and the answer is simple. They want your $.

    However, you can get epic and legendary gear using your TG, so if you're in need of better gear start raiding in outposts and hitting the challenges hard. Another recent post made it clear the 3000 TG EPIC crate can also result in legendary gear. No $ required.
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  • jmababajmababa Member Posts: 63
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    > @Kappa123 said:
    > you're saying you opened maybe 50 gold chests and didn't even see ANY epic gear? that seems astronomically unlikely.
    > but i have heard one similar report.
    > it could be a bug. you could send a ticket ingame (you will be told that you were just unlucky but you have to explain your situations exactly then)

    Happened to me 2 no good epic gear the legendary i got was from shop legendary crate it was giving better loot 2 lvls higher than my surviors lvls min lvl of handgun even skills were good the epic gear was crappy cause they from challenge
  • Kappa123Kappa123 Member Posts: 203
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    @jmababa see exactly. there are multiple reports of this.

    even though most people like myself and @JayZ got tons of stuff. that makes me think even more that it was a bug.

    very unfortunate though, cause i'm sure there will be no compensation for it cause it's so hard to prove :/

  • InvaderInvader Member Posts: 2,066
    My tradeshop was refilled a few minutes ago...and it offers now the 12.500 tg for legendary gear. But unfortunally you can´t see the traits of the items :neutral:
  • JuanloJuanlo Member Posts: 89
    Unfortunately, RNG plays a big role here. I have been playing almost non-stop during the 4 days gas refill and I've hit the gold jackpot just three times (in 4 days) on Equipment Scavenge missions, and I've got just 2 level 20 gold items and 5 level 20 blue items, from the 27 golden crates I opened.

    You must be lucky 3 times to get a useful item because:

    1) You must get a non-green item, it must be blue or gold (in my opinion a Golden Crate should contain at least a blue item, with a small chance of gold, maybe 15% or so).
    2) You must get a level 20 item. Why on Earth there are level 18 and 19 items on those crates when you are level 58 and all your survivors are level 20... is far beyond my comprehension level, because these items are automaticall trash so they could better give us just XP.
    3) Once 1 and 2 are fulfilled, you must get a weapon or armor that you really need for your survivor class and with at least two desirable traits... good luck with that one.
  • DaleDale Member Posts: 1,122
    If they let us have good weapons, we would soon have nothing left to strive for and would quit. So we can't have them.
  • R2runfastR2runfast Member Posts: 332
    > @JayZ said:
    > I think you're just unlucky.

    No, you're just lucky. I struck the gold jackpot 2x. This is what I got both times.
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,433
    @R2runfast well that makes sense if you were running XP missions... I've been doing gear scavenge missions, which don't give as much XP (obviously), but will actually give me nice equipment once in a blue moon (to be clear: I probably played 50-60 missions a day over the weekend, and only got one jackpot; the other one came earlier in the week). Sometimes you just have to grind until you get something good.
  • VakaliVakali Member Posts: 239
    Gear missions are never good, just was restocked and 12.5k legendary gear is back so I suggest you build up trade goods from outpost runs to get gear. Can't see traits but at least you see which class.
  • PowerUKPowerUK Member Posts: 85
    Totally understand the OP's frustration having been there lol.
    I don't know the % chance of finding "usable" gear but obviously its a very low number. The problem is, making this number higher will just result in everyone running around maxed out with nothing to search for sooner.
    FWIW I have found 2 pieces of equipment in the last month worthy of upgrading.

  • GebobsGebobs Member Posts: 428
    I gave up on equipment scavenges. Never get much of anything useful there. I have 42 pieces of equipment and 40 of them are legendary. Of those, 25 are base level 20. I'm better off raiding and grabbing legendary gear crates as they become available.
  • BradWalkerZBradWalkerZ Member Posts: 23
    "IF" and that is a "BIG IF" I do get a gold crate on a Equipment scavenge it NEVER has Legandary Equipment. It may be Rare at BEST! I know it can't just be that I am unlucky... That is total BS. I will document ALL my scavenges from here on and send them straight to NG! I dought that will do me any good either.
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  • feracolyteferacolyte Member Posts: 163
    it's just luck. i only screeenshotted these two but i had a few other gear gold jackpots that gave basically all greens
  • feracolyteferacolyte Member Posts: 163
    better off with the outpost-TG method. 50 gas for a guaranteed level 20 legendary is a way better
  • feracolyteferacolyte Member Posts: 163
    you're just not spending your gold in a smart way... if you do gear scavenges only watch extra videos if there are gold chests and only spend gold if there are more gold chests. don't know why you would spend gold to open all 9 bronze. that 25 gold could buy you 12 more gas for 2 more scavenges or 6 outpost runs for 3000 tg for 1 epic gear with a chance at a legendary.
  • bigbeanobigbeano Member Posts: 602
    Try only spending gold if there are more than one gold chestLast update made gettin leg and epic gear more difficult 4 sure.epic gear crates from the shop can suck sometimes as well.

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  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,433
    @BradWalkerZ that's because those aren't gold crates....... Those are silver broski
  • BradWalkerZBradWalkerZ Member Posts: 23
    I know what color the crates were... On the first screen shot I always open diagonally top to bottom right corner to left corner. There was still a gold crate, watch the video, opened the top left 3 boxes got the one silver level 17 armor... Spent the 25 gold because there was still a gold box left. The gold box was the armor in the middle at the bottom which sucked! And the last silver was the bottom right rare armor...
    Bradwalkerz, In Game: Brad-Z
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  • feracolyteferacolyte Member Posts: 163
    basically all the bronze and silver chests are useless insta-scrap. gold chests just give you a chance at a legendary or epic and even then it can be under your level.the reason level 20 perfect gear is so hard to find is because once you have it there's not really anything to do until the next update
  • feracolyteferacolyte Member Posts: 163
    i recently got my survivors to level 20 so this event gave me enough gear to get started- only keep level 19-20 legendaries and level 20 epic with ideal traits. scrap anything rare/19 and below
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    I'm not spending any TG on weapons or buying any bundles until NG starts dropping base level 21 legendary gear. I don't need anymore base level 20 gear. I can wait NG....
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,433
    @BradWalkerZ Well then why did you post multiple screenshots of unlocking silver crates? Of course you're not going to get anything good from silver. Also, one gold crate is not really a big sample size. As someone who has run hundreds of gear scavenge missions in the last two weeks, I can tell you that there definitely is good stuff to be found in gear scavenge missions.

    Do they appear often? No. But what's the point of playing a game if they make it too easy?
  • nigel12345nigel12345 Member Posts: 4
    Gear scavenges are a waste of time in my experience, it's impossible to get epic or legendary gear that way. So disappointing.
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