GRAVEYARD OF DEPARTED PLAYERS - for whatever reason....



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    Well, I am close to receiving my one year badge - level 54 -as a 1-person guild who mostly just raids and works on my characters i have earned 8,157 lifetime stars and have completed all but 3 chapters at nightmare mode. I have all level 20 legendary characters with fully leveled gear and simply can't stand the whole leveling system and no way to get ahead raiding system anymore. This is entirely set up so you can never have a top level character - if you do the rules change. I'm done-I have invested too much time and money and this game only brings me frustration. Next Games made the same mistakes as so many gaming companies and didn't listen to their players. Greed greed greed.... too bad they ruined what used to be fun.
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    Signed: @BarcodeJ 1/3/17
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    @BarcodeJ... Please reconsider...

    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

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    My wallet has departed this game
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    It's simple,.. The game has been on a steady decline ever since some Muppet at NG made shteevie in charge,.. And it will continue to do so until shteevie resigns or gets sacked,.. There new policy seems to be greed,nerf,greed,nerf,greed,nerf some more,.. They talk about balance,.. The only balancing being done is ngs bank accounts,.. They don't give a flying shit about veteran gamers and are all about fleecing the new players that flock in by there thousands everyday,..

    This post will be removed,.. I will be banned,.. But I don't fecking care anymore,.. Shteevie you are a cancer,.. A cancer that's ripping the heart and soul out this once great game,.. Yes son,.. You should be ashamed of yourself,. Your money grabbing antics and your nerf the fuck attitude,.. CANCER,.. That's your legacy,...shteevie,.. Relish in it,..

    Drops mic,... Raises middle finger,... Ban away bitches,..
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    @Labyrinth, very sad, Turkish Legion. RIP
    Retired, but not entirely dead.
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    edited March 2017
    Why @Gindy ? Did your boss catch you ? Or only because of non working advertising feature ?
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    Gindy said:

    @JackBauer -- neither :) Real life keeps getting busier and moderation is something I'm terrible at. The switch from M-F to W-Su was a tough adjustment, layered with the time requirements of the newest challenge structure proved to be too much and the nail in the coffin.

    I'll still pop in here from time to time to keep you honest, tho ;)

    This describes what I'm experiencing exactly, I've just managed to avoid that final nail so far. Good luck - you are missed!
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    "As the time commitment grows more towards a full time job including weekend shifts." It was worth repeating.

    Enjoy your new found extra time to do other things Gindy.
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    I'm sorry @Gindy but I totally get it:(
    All the best in real life hun
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    SgtSalami said:

    hiding this thread...not cool

    Care to elaborate?
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    The Notification Message of @Julialicious Post, when I click that then I get a "Comment not found" page.
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    @Teeceezy sure...what @JackBauer said...maybe it was just that she has not fully been unbanned from her earlier timeout/go stand in the corner...or is @Julialicious really on double secret probation
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    Sorry to hear that. Feel free to comeback :)
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    @Teeceezy Ok. Glad I could help : )
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    edited September 2017
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    Goodbye Shane my brother for the past year, who has left the family and game.
    You will be missed. 3/30/17
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