Next update?

Is there an update coming soon?? I need to do something with all these cans! And we sure could use a new episode.


  • mongo911mongo911 Member Posts: 939
    I dread a update...

    NextGames is screwed up enough... I doubt that they want the " increased stress " that a update would cause...
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

  • MonsutaMonsuta Member Posts: 1,168
    @mongo911 A new update is a good shift of focus, even if it's just a teaser/preview.
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,650
    My understanding is that there's not going to be a Council update any time soon. The next update should contain the Challenge mission rework, and I'm not sure there will be much else.
  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,606
    edited January 2017

    OMG I love this phrase!! It just tells you so much about an update and it makes you look cool while typing it B)

    Probably making a video!

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  • AdelheidAdelheid Member Posts: 23
    All my survivors are trained to max, all my equipment and buildings as well. I've done all the chapters in all the modes, I'm tapping my fingers here waiting, any ideas?
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,114
  • InvaderInvader Member Posts: 2,066
    Adelheid said:

    ...any ideas?

    Go on vacation ;)

    And for the future...playing less will save you from this state...
  • mongo911mongo911 Member Posts: 939
    @psychodoc has given us the post of the day...

    The phrase " It's becoming a bit too repetitive " is just wonderful...

    Understatement of the month...

    Thanks pdoc...

    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

  • HSdisturbedHSdisturbed Member Posts: 10 that a no on the update? Lol
  • HaiyanHaiyan Member Posts: 156
    @Monsuta "shift in focus"... Meaning we'll have something new to complain about? LOL
  • General_QuatreGeneral_Quatre Member Posts: 990

    Why would anyone want a Council update? Especially maxed out players? Are you really in that much of a hurry to replace your gear inventory and grind XP to level up all your Survivors and new Equipment? Honestly, I'd prefer there NEVER be another council upgrade, but let us do something else with our Supplies.

    Edit: I would like to see other buildings upgradeable, just not the training grounds workshop. I'm fine playing the remainder of the game with level 20 survivors and level 23 gear. No need to keep repeating the grind!)

    Yeah, 20 seems like a nice number to end on. And since no level 21 gear has been introduced, they aren't painted into any corners. I don't mind Council upgrades, but maybe just Walker Pit, XP Tents, and Storage...but I doubt that, because they want $$$ and workshop upgrades means new higher-level gear bundles :(
  • ReeconnReeconn Member Posts: 540
    There are pleny of players on here who like me buy weapons and armour from the store and then buy double xp and 24 hour gas to get it upgraded quickly and buy more gold to speed things up , the problem is when a new update comes out all that has been a waste of time and money because more powerful equipment is available. if people have bought equipment from the store then it should have the ability to level up in the same way that survivors do
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