We need instant 3-star for challenges mission which are lower than our level !

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#suggestion# the weekly challenge is getting really boring dan too repetitive, kinda wasting time. why would we need to play with level 3 zombie while we have full lvl 15 survivor ? come on NG, learn from 'stars war : galaxy of heroes' game, which gave us ticket to automatic finish any battle with 3 star instantly for mission that done before.

my suggestion is if we have done the similar level of challenges mission before, we can finish it instantly with a ticket that cost some gold for another week similar challenges at similar level and mission. and possibly the exploration mission too. lets say '20 ticket cost 100 gold'. or you can make it free :smile:

# hey ppl, dont disagree just because you re happy to do without it. it give other option to player that doesnt quite like to repeatly doing it. if you re happy to play without skipping it, go ahead, dont let down other ppl that want this feature.


  • thecoltythecolty Member Posts: 152
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  • JayJay Member Posts: 33
    @thecolty any reason for saying 'no' ?
  • aysatyoaysatyo Member Posts: 352
    also no.. reason; i farm xp on low level zombies.. its easy to finish the low level challenges. so why would you need a shortcut? its just laziness..
  • DutchbrotherDutchbrother Member Posts: 43
    I would agree with instant 2 star. 1 star penalty for being lazy.

    BielTUCO[Deleted User]
  • JayJay Member Posts: 33
    its not about lazy, its completely wasting time easy 250 star without challenges, its repetitive. can't play every 3 hours. i dont know if you guys so addict to the game and have nothing to do in your life and playing it the whole day, but i have busy social life ;)
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    I'm with @Jay
    I'm sick to do again low tier challenge map till I hit walkers lvl -2 from my survivors.
    Especially for players 40+ with supplies and XP 500k+. Rewards from low tier tickets around 500 exp or 500 supplies is really bad.
    And on Sunday again the same??? ;(((
    It's boooring
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  • JayJay Member Posts: 33
    @Amiga i feel that too. the rewards too bad for low tier mission, this mission should be skipped.
    my xp income dropped singnificantly when i doing challenge mission the whole day during low tier level without playing exploration mission.
    if this implemented, this will actually benefit both player and dev, player not getting sick of playing these low tier mission and dev could earn money by gold packs.
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    Challenge need to be significantly improved otherwise many ppl will quit.
    Challenge - means 'challenge' but we can't say that killing walkers 10 lvl below is a challenge.... It's riding with closed eyes.
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  • HelioHelio Member Posts: 522
    It should really be this easy: if level of lowest survivor is +3 of the recommended level, then there should be a button that allows you to skip the mission if you choose to do so... and it uses the same amount of gas.
  • BielBiel Member Posts: 10
    Well life is not perfect, nothing is perfect..
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    Well we can make it perfect... Nobody said it can't be.
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  • AnaAna Member Posts: 28
    I'm with @Jay and @Amiga , it bores the hell out of me to repeat the same challenges again and again without real challenge. My suggestion: the skip button for free for all challenges you already 3 starred 3 times. A little penalty would be, that you cant get daily challenge quest stars.
  • It sounds a little lazy to me.
  • Kappa123Kappa123 Member Posts: 203
    I don't agree with this at all. I think the challenges are perfect the way they are. it's really nicely set up because everybody with high and low survivors have to do the same thing all the way through
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    Can U imagine doing challenge from beginning with lvl 18 survivors??? Waste of time...
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  • JayJay Member Posts: 33
    the challenges rewards not even close to good,... at least it will only be better after u played more than 40 low tier mission.. if not about stars, nobody would even care if this this weekly challenges exist
  • JayJay Member Posts: 33
    i am with @Ana , weekly challenges supposed to be challenge.
    anybody want to call 3 lvl15 survivor vs lvl 3 zombie as a challenge ? :)
    therefore, we should be able to skipped it. its not a short challenge to deal with
  • kenken9kenken9 Member Posts: 31
    i started feeling that at the start of this week's challenge. kinda make me feel like how long am i going to play this game. it's just so repetitive with no significant rewards. i don't know what am i playing for. the earlier stages of the stars is too easy. wasting my time too. not helping at all. i tink i might leave any time
  • CmlCml Member Posts: 75
    @kenken9 I actually felt the same this week.
    Very repetitive stuff, getting bored.
    Rewards just not really worth it, best you could hope for is a gold ticket with 4 radios all the way up to lvl13-14.
  • I use my lowest lvl survivors in the early stages to see how far I can push them.
    Why use my legendary shooter to start. I try and adapt to the game, since the game isn't going to adapt for me
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    I appreciate my free limited time and I don't want to waste it on something completly not profitable for me. Yeah I mean early tier challenge. I have to waste 2 days till I get LVL 12 walkers on 6 maps. Even rewards on LVL 17 walkers, personal chest or guilds are crap :(
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  • RavenDKRavenDK Member Posts: 12
    If you feeling the game is wasting your time, then it's time to stop.
    Like DutchBrother says, auto-completion should only yield 2 stars due to the laziness of it.
    You got 5 days to do the event - no matter how small amount of time you got on hand, you still got enough time to make all the stars your current lvl allows.

  • JayJay Member Posts: 33
    @RavenDK : this game is not balanced yet. the most of the time rewards are poor. yet we need to get the star for leaderboard or there is no point of playing, thats what keep ppl still playing it. i am suggesting an idea based on the system on other succesfull game out there, its not purely my idea.

    it save ppl time while still using the gas as usual, so why not if you can an other option ?
    anybody that doesn't agree sounds like non-payer player.
    even if you have lots of time to play without skip it, why not let other people enjoy this benefit ? dont ruin the idea just because you are happy to do without it.
  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    There are people complaining about having nothing to do. They reach their challenge limit and cant go on any further. Same with missions. Speeding up the challenge will just make it more boring faster. Instead of making things fast, why not ask for a new feature that could keep us busy..

  • JayJay Member Posts: 33
    @AysatyoPet : you re right. however, as mentioned by @Amiga , the rewards are too poor for low tier, thats why some ppl want to skip it, if NG can make the rewards better, i would be happy to play it. :smile:
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    @AysatyoPet and @Jay
    You have both right. Hope we will see solution soon....
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  • AnaAna Member Posts: 28
    @bgbelden it has nothing to do with lazyness, but with pure boredom. Those first few low lvl rounds are just boring. I would use the gained time to try to push my limits in stars. With the actual set up, i only reach my limits the last day and have no time to push them. And it will get worse if we get lvl 16, 17, etc survivors. I wont even have the time to reach a lvl where it starts to get interesting.
  • JayJay Member Posts: 33
    it normally takes around 4 days (from 6 days challenges) before things started getting challenging, assuming ppl dont spend gold on gas. during the 4 day period, the xp or food income really low as well as the equipment.. due to rewards from low tier mission being low.
    i cant imagine when the council up to lvl 20 and ppl on average need play more than 150 weekly challenge mission EVERY week to push to their survivor limit. guess many would give up
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