Outpost scout damage

Sorry I don't know how to take screen shot. So I kill the walkers. May have been one I left. I have Abraham, Rosita, and legend scout, all lvl 20. I don't know what map but it's one scout can't reach box in one turn. Defender has bruiser and assault behind one set of sandbags behind the wall. A shooter behind sandbag on opposite side. All lvl 19. I open door with Abraham. I can see his shooter. I move scout to the half wall that separates us. T hen move Rosita next to scout. I can no longer see shooter. I hit next turn to get new movement squares. Defenders don't move. I move scout only to box to collect trade goods. As I pass shooter he takes shot at me. My scout keeps moving to box. I collect trade goods and end raid. Is my scout supposed to take a hit in this instance?


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