Eliminate Dead Heroes (possible spoilers: mod edit)

theaggiegeektheaggiegeek Member Posts: 19
Not to be mean. But I think that they should get rid of
Glenn and Abraham
. Simply put, they are no longer on the show and this game is based of the show. Don't get me wrong, both are great but I believe that they should follow which of our Heroes are currently on the show just for accuracy.

I like to believe that my community exists in the world and that the Heroes occasionally come to help my community. Even if that includes Negan>:(

Anyways what are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree?

R.I.P. Glenn and Abraham:)
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  • TroubleManTroubleMan Member Posts: 423
    Disagree. There are a lot of NPC's on this game (no-name general players) as well. I see your point, but respectfully disagree.
  • KyrusKyrus Member Posts: 126
    Respectfully disagree. Abraham is the best hero out of all of them, his trait is the only one worth upgrading in my opinion and (Maggie for the XP.) They may be gone but they will always be apart of the show, just watch seasons 1-6 every once in awhile.
  • GebobsGebobs Member Posts: 428
    There's no harm in posting a half thought through idea. Always defer judgment. Even bad ideas aren't necessarily dead ends.
  • OFSOFS Member Posts: 4
    And here I thought this was an idea for a new challenge event using Negan.

  • crambert_neccrambert_nec Member Posts: 1,376
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  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,200
    I would hate to lose Magie. She is the one hero I actually use. So if she were to die on the show, I'd like to take comfort in knowing she would still live on in the game.

    So no, let's keep ALL of the heroes who have been introduced. Assuming we can solve the 'token dilution' issue, that is...
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,068
    For one I disagree and I also think you should not spoil the show - there will still be people who haven't seen it since it hasn't been released worldwide yet.
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  • PiterluisPiterluis Member Posts: 27
    I agree. I am not going to use them anymore.

    I also can understand people who want to keep them. Ok... Why not an option in order to mark specific survivors in order they do not appear on general survivor screens? They could appear inside the "death tent" while they are "marked"...
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  • masmith93masmith93 Member Posts: 3,524
    You don't have to use them but they aren't going anywhere.
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  • jska1122jska1122 Member Posts: 2
    Don't want to lose hero's just cause they are dead on the show. I'm proud, as a new playe,r to finally get some. And I am glad to see Glen. I hate that he got killed off. Want to keep them all. Come on, it is a game after all. I sure enjoy it.
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