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    @Shteevie hey mcfly your shoes untied
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    > @Shteevie said:
    > The change we want to deploy is in test. When we verify that it works as intended, we'll release it.
    > Your method of showing anticipation and understanding is... unusual.

    You very well know we are the testers. Apply it to the game and let us test it out for you. Either way you slice it, its still going to have bugs. Look at the walkers in outpost bug you've fixed 3 times... still aint right but we let it slide. Give the maxed out players the conversion from soup to TG like you have before. Im not even maxed out but I know what the quick fix is and so do you.
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    > @Shteevie said:
    > "Unusual" As is NG's method of customer "support".
    > -Thanks for the compliment. Not every development team takes time out of a 14-hour workday to come and clarify communications and give insights into future development to players. I'm happy to do it, though, because I believe the players are worth the effort, and I want to help out as much as I can.
    > I do it all for you, Biff. Any relation to Biff Tannen?

    You're working 14 hours per day because it's your job. If your hours are unreasonable, that's an issue for your management and not your customers' problem. If you are not satisfied with the work environment, that's, again, a decision you need to make on your own.

    The Next Games website has a bunch of fluffy prose including "[i]f players don’t feel compelled to talk about our games to other people, we have failed." Are you certain that you're encouraging the intent of this point through your communication?
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    Guys we are the beta testers, it has to pass the alfa test firs. If it doesn't work properly and you lose all your shit because they released it to early and have not worked out all the major programming bugs, then I bet you guy's are the first one's in line with torches and pitchforks, out for blood!!

    Just be patient and happy that temp fix is coming with a perm on the way. And be grateful that there atleast is someone from the company who is listening and gives feedback, cause 90% of the game companies don't give a rats ass about your opinions just your cash!!!!!
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    Yes and if things are rushed, mistakes will happen and everyone will complain. They have to take some time to make things right. The whole Reckoning bug took so much time, that we have to wait longer for an update. They have to deal with urgent things first.
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    I wouldn't exactly call 2 months without an update breakneck speed but I get your point.
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    @El_Pollo_Loco making things personal? Realy??? Don't you have eanything better to do???? Like go play the game and buy some stuff in there that they could hire some more people and they would not have to work 14h a day to make all your demands come true!!!!

    and yes we should feel special cause small companies actually listen big ones don't! And if you do not then it is your problem not their's!!!! Their problem is the game, improving it updating it and making it enjoyable to all form of player's, not becoming your personal biggest bestest Pall!!!!
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    There are no fan clubs and there are no unimportant users. We are working to improve the game for everyone. My statement about long workdays was an attempt to add transparency to the situation by showing that we aren't just sitting around while there are features to finish and bugs to fix. I can't tell you how to feel, but I can say that we specifically come to these forums for feedback and insight from a perspective different than our own. It may seem as though things are moving slowly, but I assure you that we are all trying to walk the line between speed and danger. especially given the recent past of the game, the impetus is on us to deliver what we promise, and not to promise more than we can deliver.

    The way a comment is received often has little to do with how it was intended. I think that the last several responses to this thread illustrate as much.
    Development Team Member - The Walking Dead: No Man's Land
    Please note: Development is a fluid process, and suggestions and implementation take time and iteration. Any discussion of future features, deadlines, updates, balance changes, and such should be considered prospective and subject to change.
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    Soooo.... when is this game going to be fun again? Serious question.
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    R2runfast said:

    Soooo.... when is this game going to be fun again? Serious question.

    Well, the forum just became a bit more interesting, so we got that going for us.
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    Shteevie said:

    Version 2.2 launched a little more than a week before Season 7 started.

    So the maxed supplies problem will go on for approximate 3-4 weeks?

    Fine for me...will hit that point just around that time for the first time.

    But...bad for the atmosphere here all around...
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    More like week of February 6th, or MAYBE the week before. 7B starts on Sunday the 12th (exactly one month from today, in fact)
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    > @InspTurbines said:
    > Coming on the forums to find out when a meaningful update will happen, reminds me when I was a little kid sitting in the back seat of my parents Ford LTD Country Squire with my brothers on a family road trip. Every time we asked dad, "are we almost there yet?", we get the same canned response, "Soon!"
    That brings back some childhood memories. We had the 1975 Ford LTD Country Squire with the folding jump seats in the back. I could camp out in the back away from the younger siblings.

    That's probably why I became a psychopath and mowed down the residents of Woodbury. :lol:
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    @Shteevie OK I get you want to have the fixed maybe just as much as we do (meaning full supply issue) but until that update hits anyway you might be able to let us get rid of some supplies for tg,xp, ANYTHING? I know you guys do want people hording tg but at least this way it can be a quick fix until the update goes through.
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    @Shteevie, so... still weeks? Are you serious?? C'mon, just played cinema 3 times, got 1 silver and 2 golden crates and ALL of them were freaking tomatoes!!!!

    Please, enable the Tomato -> TG option, even just 1 day!!!!! That would allow us to spend at least some of our supplies. This is so frustrating, you guys have a system that works and YOU DON'T WANT TO USE IT.

    By the way, a couple of days ago you said that a solution was in testing and could be implemented without a client update... I don't want to be rude but... how many days do yo need to test a currency conversion???

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    Yeah as each day passes by the frustrations of maxed tomatoes is really growing on many of us @Shteevie !

    Please can we be hopeful for something this weekend?
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    Thanks @Teeceezy! Had already been in my Shop but didn't scroll far enough to see the tomato trade.
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