Hero Token and too many heroes avaiable

AnielAniel Member Posts: 96
Some of you already understood the issue we will have by having too many heroes available in the game: too hard to unlock a specific hero.

NG already stated they are thinking about this too... and I (like many other) don't feel the 10 radio call is helping this situation anyway.

Why hero tokes, aren't divided for ranks instead to be divided for specific hero?

We all know there are some heroes easier to unlock compared to other (when was last time you saw Michonne tokens on sale for TG?), so why don't hero tokens represents hero grade instead (to 1 star to 5 star). You can use 1 star grade token to unlock lowest grade hero (those who requires 60 tokens) and so on.

This opens to several other possibilities, like upgrading an amount of low grade tokens to a superior grade to have better tokens, less worried to find the tokens we don't want and the chance to have lot more heroes.

Of course, it must not become "too easy" to unlock them if you compare this system to now, but at least some category can be introduced.

I hope I explained myself.



  • NoxeraNoxera Member Posts: 19
    Or maybe it could be like the normal calls: 15, 10 and 5 radios but the ´better chance of hero token' would be introduce in each normal radio call.

    Which you said earlier, Michonne or Rick are less seen in radio calls. So they would be in the 15 radios call category and like Tara's would be in the 5 radios.

    For example, I want to get Michonne's token. I would go for the 15 radios, it would be the same as now but if the 15 radios gives me hero tokens, I would have better chance it's Michonne's.

    Another example, I want to promote Tara from 2 stars to 3 stars so I need Tara's token. I would choose 5 radio call. By choosing the 5 radio calls, if I get hero tokens, I would have a better chance of getting Tara's tokens.

    What do you guys think of that?

  • TroubleManTroubleMan Member Posts: 423
    NG has zero. I mean ZERO interest in adjusting the 'ease' at which players can accumulate Hero tokens. Hero tokens are just another means to divert already scarce resources into smaller and smaller pools and diluting the ability to either enhance or unlock desirable Heros w/out the need to spend cash.

    Literally each design that comes out albeit new Heros, new gear, new anything the ultimate questions for NG are "how much can we charge" and "how much will we make".

    That's it. If the game is fun for players, that's cool but honestly a secondary goal. Profit harvesting is the primary goal. Period.

    Don't hold your breath for any easing of token gathering. If you want them, the system is already in place. Pay Up!
  • NoxeraNoxera Member Posts: 19
    @TroubleMan Actually there's no way you can DIRECTLY buy hero tokens. You need to buy gold or radios. I think NG would agree to listen to player's idea, and try to make the game better for us.
  • TroubleManTroubleMan Member Posts: 423
    Noxera said:

    @TroubleMan Actually there's no way you can DIRECTLY buy hero tokens. You need to buy gold or radios. I think NG would agree to listen to player's idea, and try to make the game better for us.

    Literally that is incorrect. One can find Hero Tokens each and every day, in the trade goods store. And they are on constant rotation each 6 hours. Now, if you run out of TG, you'll need to grind it out in OP (and that may cost you gold if you are injured and rush healing).

    Again, this isn't about making the game more 'fun'. NG isn't concerned with that. They want you to spend money. And the more convoluted and difficult the better.

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