Which piece of armour was I upgrading again?

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I constantly forget which piece of armour I'm upgrading bc there's always a long list. Is it possible that while upgrading, when we click the workshop and the tool icon it takes us to the page were upgrading from and then highlights the correct item? I'm always trying to decide what's next on the list and a few times I've made a decision only to find that after the current upgrade it was that item. So back to deciding. (And instead of the text on each item saying "equipment upgrading" it would say it only on that item.) Would just be a nice help.

And... since there is such a large gap btw leveling up one survivor and upgrading the traits per survivor, if we could maybe upgrade two weapon/armour traits at a time? Doesn't have to be for the same item or even the same class, just two traits at a time.

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    the only thing i know of right now to see is go to gear screen press the trashcan then cancel then press trashcan again & gear thats being upgraded shows up then
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    I agree. We can see which survivor we are upgrading, why not gear?
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    i was at work earlier so couldnt post pics but yea i brought this subject up many months ago & still no luck on it but the 1st pic is after pressin trashcan once then cancel & when u press the trashcan again it shows up like in 2nd pic
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    @mcbkhicks thanks for the shots, but that didn't even work for me. Besides we need something so much more clearer and not a hassle. Man, be careful you don't accidentally scrap something when doing that! :)
    (Also from what I guess from your shots, you have to already be in the correct class when you hit the trashcan? Yeah, I rarely remember though. That's the problem.)
    Hopefully we can get this added to the next update.
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    that sucks it dont work for u... and yes i have accidently scrapped morgans staff when i was multi scrappin like that... and yea they need a better way that shows which is being upgraded
    oh & yea ull need to remember which class or spend a few min goin thru doin that but it didnt work for ya so no point in tryin

    lol doin this reply got me my 500 comment badge woo hoo
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    Get it done NG this is no big deal
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    Totally agree with everything the OP posted. Need to know which item is being upgraded. Upgrade times need to be cut in half or you should be able to upgrade multiple items. It shouldn't take the same amount of time to upgrade 1 item as it does to train a survivor. Maybe allow building another workshop?
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    There is another way to check which item is upgrading.

    On your camp screen, click the workshop, then hit the X on the left. A pop-up will appear asking if you really want to cancel upgrading the item, which it names. Of course, you want to be very careful that you don't actually cancel it or you wasted time and 1/2 the XP

    Would obviously prefer something better than this, as you've suggested
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    @Shteevie - Was thinking about this, may have a quick win here... Helps that i am an IT Tech by trade....

    What about adding what happens in the Training Grounds? As we upgrade a Survivor, we get an icon showing time remaininng on that survivor. so we can see who's being upgraded.

    If we could implement this into the workshop, we could see what kit we are upgrading. As it's an in game feature already, this could be easier to move into another section.
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    @carlos1981 I thought about that initially but realized it wouldn't give me enough info. As it is with the survivors, we see a pic - pretty easy to know whos at bat then. However with weapons and armour it all looks the same and even putting it name is useless bc I don't go around memorizing silly names of any equipment.
    I think it would just be more clear and concise if they could make it obvious by clicking and taking us to the appropriate screen and highlighting item. Or anything along these lines so it's no more of a guessing game.

    @Shteevie youve been tagged but we've yet to receive some feedback on this.
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    @bsgper4 - The image here was what I was thinking of... As we can see, Glenn has 4 hours, and the arrow animation when viewed live, shows he is clearly the one being upgraded.

    My thought was, if the same animation was in the equipment section, we'd have the timer on the piece of kit that's upgrading.

    Yes, we'd have to scroll through the classes to see it, but it would be clear when. Upgrading.

    Hope that makes sense?

    On a random note... Yes, I see All my guys are in the shade since updating my phone.....Must be their bedtime...
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    @carlos1981 I see. I thought you meant on the workshop icon itself. Yeah, anything like that is fine. We just need to know without finding crazy tricks and almost deleting our armoury!
    Maybe NG can give you temporary access to the server and you can make it happen. Just don't go darkside on us.

    Note on your random note: they say to clear the cache... I think. *shrugs* or maybe they enjoy the shade.
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    yea highlight it or something like yall said.
    @carlos1981 yea in ur phone in downloads clear the cache in there & from what they said it should be mornin time for ur sleepin ppl
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    At the time I was tagged, I was in a review meeting for part of the challenge rework development. If you all think I should instead be here, it might end up affecting the release dates...

    We have had requests to add the icon of the leveling gear before, but it never felt like the right answer. We also have ideas for an eventual rework of the system that sorta combines equipping characters and the various leveling into a single screen, but you can imagine how much work that would be.

    I like the riffing that is going on here, so I won't get in the way. If something really great comes up, I'll steal it and add it to the backlog. Maybe the blue timer, or a variant of same, is the way to go.

    And I see sunburned characters way more often than shady dudes. Been hanging out on the beach lately?
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    Please note: Development is a fluid process, and suggestions and implementation take time and iteration. Any discussion of future features, deadlines, updates, balance changes, and such should be considered prospective and subject to change.
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    @Shteevie yeah, I could care less abt the challenge rework. I'm fine with the way it is (in the minority) I have no issue with low level "grind" as some call it. The amount of reward for the effort is screwed as heck, but other than that, all these other changes just mean I'll be more annoyed than not when it's released. So. Yes, I'd rather you be here.

    I don't understand what you mean by "We have had requests to add the icon of the leveling gear before, but it never felt like the right answer." We don't need yet another rework. This isn't a major overhaul. We aren't asking to make the game great again. Just user friendly. We simply need to be able to find our current upgrading equipment without insane gags and tricks. It's strange not only to me, that this wasn't implemented at launch.
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    @Shteevie - Thanks for the response, I know you guys are probably slammed with the challenge rework, and i know how much time that takes, so i wasn't worried about time of response.

    Something just to highlight whats being updated would be good one day, but challenege rework would understandable take time (Looking forward to that, Hopefully no more sucky rewards etc on those low levels etc)

    I'll see if i can take my guys outta the shade at some point, but as it doesn't affect gameplay, i'm not too fussed. They'll need as much sun as me soon, that won't be good at all... I need to wake up first though, Maybe that's why all my guys are sleeping?
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    I think one of the things that comes up with our team often is that we see how much potential the game still has, and are all very eager to see it improve and increase its chances for longevity. As such, when someone brings up a minor issue with the UI, or the details of combat, or the class and weapon balance, it quickly leads to a number of "and what about..?" statements. Of course, we need to make sure that the things we add are wholly positive, and part of that is being selective about the small add-ons to existing functions. Enough of those, and you have a big ball of twine that is impossible to unravel or build meaningfully upon.

    One thing that is certainly true is that there were no level 23 weapons on launch, and the maximum upgrade time was a lot lower than it is now. While I was not a member of the original dev team, I can understand their apparent belief that upgrade times were not as likely to be of the same critical importance as the survivor upgrading. You're right that additional messaging here would help, which is why I'm interested in finding the right solution out however many ideas we all have.
    Development Team Member - The Walking Dead: No Man's Land
    Please note: Development is a fluid process, and suggestions and implementation take time and iteration. Any discussion of future features, deadlines, updates, balance changes, and such should be considered prospective and subject to change.
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    @Shteevie - You kinda just summed up a developers version of my work this week lol!! I took on 4 easy IT jobs, that were all "simple" but due to being tied to other stuff were far from it, and so on... How DARE we think about the bigger picture, or the long term benefit's..

    I do see your point though, paying attention to 1 minor is never that simple. Once you start on one, another click, and another, next it's a major bug fix. Or you fins 1 or 2, and the world revolts asking why you missed the other one(s)...
  • bsgper4bsgper4 Member Posts: 309

    Geezus. Again no one's asking for all these click click clicks and major bug improvements in this thread.
    If you were able and thought it warranted a necessity to show which players are upgraded, the same should/could be introduced. The end.
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    I agree, it would be nice to see which piece of gear is upgrading from the gear selection screens, but there is a way to "check" now. On the camp screen, touch the icon for the workshop. It pops up the cancel (x) or speed up (gold). If you hit the X, it pops up the piece that is upgrading and asks "are you sure - you only get a 50% refund of XP". But be careful, and make sure to cancel rather than accept.
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    @jbuoy Yes. Someone as already mentioned that and again, that's a trick and a risky one at which you might accidentally scrap something. Oh, and this method only tells you a name. Not efficient bc im not about to memorize every single piece of equipment w silly and almost identical names. Not looking for tricks. Looking for user friendly interface which one would hope is standard not an afterthought.
    Thanks though.
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    I used to have the same issue all the time trying to remember what piece I felt compelled to upgrade. Funny though, now that pieces cost 1million plus to upgrade my memory has gotten a whole lot better.
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