All I want is your trade goods. Stop making me kill your defenders.



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    virdis said:

    Hey, I just noticed that the defender attack their own walkers, anyone experienced the same thing?

    I've never seen that before. Everything I have seen and read says that the walkers only go after your guys. That would be an interesting thing to see.
  • virdisvirdis Member Posts: 18
    Yes, the walkers behind my survivor (still at the gate), and the enemy assault came in front of me and shot my survivor and the walkers. By the way, he can shoot from a distance, he take cover too. Why he run in front of me instead of just shot. Just curious. (I play in town map, which the gate in the middle and the TG is in the bottom right)
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    @GrimGael I don't purchase gas boosters very often, so I'm usually raiding when I'm getting low on gas, e.g., it's not a big deal if I have to suffer through some hospital time. Also, I have a couple of different teams that I can bring with me to raid, so it's NBD if 3, or even 6, are chilling in the hospital.
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    @OneLessTitan That was pretty damn funny. I am surprised that at 45 views, including mine, you didn't get one like on the video, so I had to 'thumbs up' ya.

    As a player who NEVER wanted to set up my outpost, NG finally nudged me. The constant supplies disappearing into the heavens from missions/videos and the non-stop glow of 17921500 drove me to the point of no return (and I had only been there for about 2 weeks). But everyone here is right, allow me to grab a snack and there will not be any trouble, although I did have to punish some players to get to 2000. Sorry for drop in influence, but I needed to unload some tomatoes.
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