Which to pick from radio call

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Made one 15 call just....

Results were

Random rare survivor

Abraham tokens-epic-128...I don't have him unlocked yet so this would unlock him..

Maggie tokens-legendary-256....just a monster call it seems...I'm level 37 player...so my survivors are like 15s...not a superstar yet...

Which seems like the better choice if it was you....unlocking Abraham or getting a bunch of Maggie tokens...



  • WalkerballzWalkerballz Member Posts: 1,896
    I love Abe but that's a whole lot of Maggie tokens.... , me? I would take Maggie but that's just me lol you can unlock Abe later after you lvl and he will be higher than if you did it now
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  • jeffstasykjeffstasyk Member Posts: 162
    Thanks guys...makes sense
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