Supplies trade event is a SCAM!!!

Don't waste any of your gold on this event, Nexgames is selling equipment for big bucks and they have crap traits!!! I bought the exact same equipment that I have now with a higher level and the traits are garbage!!!


  • chuckmcnutchuckmcnut Member Posts: 13
    Apparenty you can't read, supplies that are used to build and upgrade buildings....
  • Tapatio75Tapatio75 Member Posts: 636
    Are you maxed?
  • chuckmcnutchuckmcnut Member Posts: 13
    Sure, if you are a fool and like wasting time.
  • chuckmcnutchuckmcnut Member Posts: 13
    JayZ, your the expert huh? Apparently you just polled 99% of the players....
  • chuckmcnutchuckmcnut Member Posts: 13
    Hello???, supplies are also trade goods. If you want to throw yours away go ahead.
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