How to progress faster?

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I just got the ability to upgrade to level 17, and I'm continuing to see how long it's going to take me to get to 20. I'm pretty much addicted, so it's going to happen eventually, but it's too much money to buy a lot of assistance.

So what's the quickest/best way you've found to progress faster? I've decided I'm not going to upgrade my workshop or weapons until I'm 20 and will have weapons I'll be sticking with for a while. I haven't touched the outpost since forever, and my farms are at level 7.

Is it just to go crazy on scavenges and forget challenges and outpost raids (although those are my favorite since I get ~6K xp on average for 2 gas)?


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    numen said:

    and my farms are at level 7

    I've maxed out my farms because without it food income is really poor. Some players talking about resource payoff time and that upgrading farms is a waste of tomatoes, but I think it's the other way around because in the end you getting yourself a faster income than before.
    Six farms at lvl7=79.200 supplies at the start of the day, at lvl10=216.000 supplies.
    Plus, the Building Points matter (and building farms gives it to you), because BPs is basically your Player level, and your Player level directly affects gear lvl in TG shop, rewards you're getting for killing the wall walkers on the camp map, and the amount of food\xp\equipment lvl in crates.

    You can browse the resource mentioned by @Bill_ZRT here for more info.
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    autumn, thanks for the reply. I hadn't yet needed a lot of BP such that I needed to go to farms to get it (I did some hospital and mission car). I thought the gear was tied to survivor max level, not player level, so that's helpful to know.

    I am one of those people who looked at the payoff time and agreed that it didn't make much sense to upgrade past level 8, although I lied that they were at 7. I put them up to 8 for BP! On the other hand, no one has looked at the time savings of saving up to all the other building costs once upgraded (that I've seen).

    I decided to check it out, and based on my current state of things, it'll take me 43 days to save up and build my farms to 10. Then it'll take probably 50 days for those to pay themselves back (40 days each, mostly in parallel). If I were to try to buy the rest of my buildings with the current farms I have, it would take 504 days. With level 10 farms, it would take 275 days. Paying 90 days to save 275 gives a net time saving of 145 days.

    So you're right! I just needed to see it for myself. I might turn this into a new post of its own, because people are missing out on some time savings.
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    Once ur farms r fully upgraded tomatoes r easy its xp that becomes the issue good luck
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