I don't understand why we have cool down times?

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What's the deal with the cool down time on challenges? I've heard that it keeps Level Playing Field for players who have purchased 24-hour gasoline. Which I cannot believe to be true, you wish to punish players who spend money on the game? Plus the challenges get harder the further you go So eventually you will be stopped. As far as I know there is no invincible perk. If there has to be some sort of cool down which I can't understand why there would be, maybe so Walkers can regain their courage ? Can we at least bring it down to 5 minutes! between work, School and children finding time to play is hard enough, but when I do have time I have to wait for some reason?

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  • bigmacbigmac Member Posts: 131
    So it sounds like an issue that is being adapted to and still being worked on. Is this true? I've been playing for at least a year now and I remember the 7 Day events. As for the others I just don't remember it wasn't important at the time. But now I don't see the point to it and I don't believe I'm alone. I know something will be done about it in some form. Hopefully sooner than later, thank you
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    And yes you can call me Mac
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    Part II:

    mac: well challenges are 5 days now not 7 days...

    zbot: well I'm getting to that. It changed from 7 to 5 days but the cool down was still 1 hour.

    mac: sigh...

    zbot: then there were 2 challenges instead of 1 and the cool down counter was reduced to 30 minutes.

    mac: 2 challenges in one week? How did that work?

    zbot: it was back to back challenges. I'm getting old but it was during this time or a little before that gas and xp bundles were introduced.

    mac: were there more changes?

    zbot: yes, it was changed back to 1 challenge a week but the cool down timer stayed at 30 minutes.

    mac: so that gets to us where we are now?

    zbot: not yet, challenges were Monday through Friday with the weekends off but it changed to Wednesday to Sunday with Monday and Tuesday off.

    mac: so what happens next?

    zbot: there's a whole new section on the forum that's addressing alot of things for challenges


    mac: ...

    zbot: Join the TWD: NML fun club today Mac!

    To be continued...
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