Traits, Hero's and My Poor Ranged team...

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Rather than spamming with a few posts, thought I'd roll a few questions into one

After Levelling up a Hunter, i nticed the damage done was not as much as Daryl... Am i missing something here? John has Marksman lvl4, vs Daryl's lvl3. So at the same level (15), with the same kit, John should do more damaged am i right?

BTW, John's Gun has finished upgrading since i took that shot, hence the dirfference in the hunter pic...

I'd also be keen to know what you guys think of My Hunters\Shooters? I'm on the verge of thinking I'd be good to replace a fair few when i get better via calls.. Especially as Tara is my snd Best shooter when Epuiped ATM..


  • antant Member Posts: 547
    The heroes have a higher base damage than the rest of your survivors.
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    My fave traits for range survivor: Sure Shot - Luck - Iron Skin - Marksman -Dodge. I always keep whenever i got 3-4 of them.
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