Viewing Guilds, outpost defenses etc

I think it would be great to see other profiles with more detail. Even if it was just in our own guilds (viewing their survivors and weapons ). I'd also love to be able to view outpost attacks (like in clash of clans) it could help us manage our outposts better.


  • GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
    Be cautious what you wish for @jeffybluebug83 . If ppl will be able to find out weaknesses of their outpost defence, they will give us all hard time to beat it. And though getting to ones TG crate in outpost is not taking any of his/her TGs, there are still many ppl protecting their TG crate and not allowing TGs "to flow" freely. Seeing blocked TG crate or setup that is not allowing (scout) dash for TGs way too often. I understand using clever setup to avoid loosing(much) influence, but TGs should be for all visitors. With such tool you are suggesting, it will be harder to win complete raid as well as to even get TGs. Ppl are just like that...
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