Shooters...shooters everywhere but who to settle on

Thinking that i need to reduce and focus on a smaller number of characters, get down two to join Tara, but not sure which ones to keep, I have a number of four star shooters who also don't have defence stance or vigilant as a trait but guessing if i upgrade them then will probably get one of those....thoughts?


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    I would just keep one. Soon you'll have Rick and maybe Coral too sometime next decade. I'm not up on all the symbols or even which are the best traits. I guess defensive stance and I think vigilant are not desirable. But choose among your legendaries. The others you can toss right off imho.
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    @tigerfeet Well, from my point of view, I would try to invest tokens in Carrie and if you will get lucky with sure shot, you´ll have a beast on your side. From your legendaries, Jane is not bad. Investing tokens in Francisco is not going to give you better shooter compared to those you have no matter which trait he will unlock. Maybe with sure shot, he will be able to defend your outpost quite well.
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    They're all decent. Honestly, I would hold on to all of them.

    Also, don't "just keep one" - that's probably the worst advice I've ever heard. It's good to have backups ready in case you are facing hospital time.
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    @Gladi just upgraded Carrie and indeed get sure shot as her fifth trait so happy with that. Will invest in upgrading her now. Been playing since the end of September last year and now that I have maxed out stuff just now investing in people to upgrade so thanks for the tips.
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    @tigerfeet Im really envy. Many shooters came to my roster and not single one turned such way. Congratz on such killer. But now you need another decent luck to get her awesome pistol(silver high powered, gold lethal and piercing will do that for me). Im unlucky in this field too, as my epic/leg pistols lvl20 comes without high powered and the only one exception is epic(fail) with silenced as "compensation".
  • tigerfeettigerfeet Member Posts: 54
    Yeah need a killer shooter, best pistol I have is silver silenced with gold piercing and lethal upgraded to lvl23. Also upgraded some of my other classes to legendary and some have worked out really well, good assault.
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    Should be free pistol coming at 1 billion kills. If you can get a shooter to level 20, even better. Maybe Tara is level 20?
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    Carrie is definitely your the best then getting sure shot on fifth trait your so lucky I'm so jealous my last 7 promotions i got the wonderful defective shit
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  • tigerfeettigerfeet Member Posts: 54
    Yep have a few lvl20 characters, nearly all the heros are. I do feel lucky with how Carrie turned out. Also managed to get an assault to legendary today with sure shot, lucky, bullet dodge, marksman, iron skin.
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    She is my first LEG, I guess I was lucky, but unlucky that I cant get a lvl 20 weapon for her
  • JuanloJuanlo Member Posts: 89
    Just got this one on a 15 radio call

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