We need instant 3-star for challenges mission which are lower than our level !



  • AnaAna Member Posts: 28
    I'd love to be easily entertained. Would make my life much easier too
  • @Ana By lazy, I was referring to the just give me 2* penalize me 1*. Or let me just pay to start at this level.
    It's not like I'm enjoying those rounds of terrible rewards either but those lower rds take only a minute.
    Like an arcade game, you don't get to start at the big boss, you have to start at the beginning no matter how many quarters you put in previously
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  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    I don't even care to watch videos to get 3 extra locks after low tier missions. The same with locks for gold. In my opinion NG loose profit on it.
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  • JayJay Member Posts: 33
    @stuffnthangs : yeah, you re right, but thats not tempting enough for some ppl to repeatly doing it. its better to get fewer gold/radios while doesnt need to repeatly play it again and again. they should allow us to choose whether so start from the beginning or at our survivor/council current level...so benefit everyone
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    That's right that low tier map cost small amount of gas and you can play few times instead of 1 on high tier. So there need to be other way instead of skipping tiers to keep prople playing low tier with smile on face ;)
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