What is the point?

What is the point of having the challenges cost 1 gas if the 30 minute timers are back? In fact, what is the point of having the timers in the first place? Who else is ready to see those timers go away permanently?


  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,616

    Probably making a video!

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  • DataWreckerDataWrecker Member Posts: 11
    @paintbeast fully agree with u man, cant wait to say bye bye to those
  • JuanloJuanlo Member Posts: 89
    It's good because we can kill more walkers doing all kind of missions, like scavenges or outposts. Every kill counts to meet our goal, and every bit of help from NG, like this 1 gas cost for challenge, is welcome.
  • bababooeybababooey Member Posts: 147
    @paintbeast I couldent agree with you more , I get in the zone of zombie slaying and then it abruptly ends with some bullshit timer.
  • fire_waterfire_water Member Posts: 257
    how can I post gif here ?

  • Coopz11Coopz11 Member Posts: 52
    Tbh i was thinking whats the point in these challenges in general?

    They are just so monotonous it unreal. We need a whole revamp on these badly.
  • Coopz11Coopz11 Member Posts: 52
    Thanks for the link Bro, i knew they were reworking it but didn't know they detailed on what they were doing with it.

    I already posted in another thread a while ago about my idea on re-working it but nothing was said regarding the idea lol

  • autumn_ashautumn_ash Member Posts: 325
    Strongly disagree with the first, because minimizing the gas cost made possible to do all 6 maps in a row on higher levels and yet to have some gas cans left for a scavenging and OP raids after that. Usually (with the gas cost of 5-6) I can do four maps, five max if I'm going very slow.
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  • Coopz11Coopz11 Member Posts: 52
    edited January 2017
    Shteevie said:

    @vshield50: "Coming Soon" is indeed soon. Let's just say that I have a task on my list for this week to write up some update notes...

    @Coopz11: My apologies for not seeing your suggestions thread. In the future, it's a good idea to tag me there if you want me to see it - I have a pretty full schedule, so remembering to take time to look for new posts in the suggestions area sometimes doesn't happen in a normal week.

    As for the timer, it needs to stay in some form in order to maintain some parity between player who pay and those who don't. You'll all be happy to hear though that the new timer setup is much less restrictive and allows for more plays per session. Some of our playtest results show that people have said that they don't feel restricted by the timer at all.

    That's no problem mate

    I just suggested doing it like Boom Beach if you familiar with the Operations on that? I'm not even sure it would would work on this style of game so was a poor idea anyway lol

  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 4,772
    > @vshield50 said:
    > They won't take away timers for good because they make more money by having them. Forces you to do other things that may cost gold.
    > Question for the powers to be. What timeline do you consider as "coming soon"? Been at level 20 for some time now. You can obviously nerf weapons quite quickly so what prevents you from allowing players to level up? I appreciate any reply even if it is "coming soon".

    Why do you want to continue leveling up? Are you so eager for your level 23 gear to become obsolete?

    I'm looking forward to the Challenge overhaul, but am NOT looking forward to that.

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