How to be an Effective Leader in a Guild

Hi guys! Many of us are in Guilds and maybe some of us are Leaders in them. My question to Members of Guilds is what do you look for in your Leader? Are you looking for someone strong(level wise and sets the goals), someone that's funny, or someone that encourages you to participate?
If you are a Leader in one, what do you believe makes you a good Leader and therefore making your Guild a successful one.


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    I also have been in guilds with terrible leaders,so I also do the opposite of those.
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    I've only been in two guilds. The first I left after one challenge bc I realized only half the people were active. Now @jeemped is my head hauncho! Everything is laid back and anything can be open for discussion. Everyone has a voice and its not one person making all the rules for the group. That crazy word democracy again.
    I do like that he keeps people engaged in the in-game chat. I don't want dl a new app for chatting so I can ask him questions outside of the game if I need to.
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    Are you looking for someone strong(level wise and sets the goals), someone that's funny, or someone that encourages you to participate?

    I like all in one...and I´m happy with my guild. It was the first one and I was looking for a german guild with a sympathic name. Many german guilds have a name which sounds too "german" to me :wink:
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    Awesome responses from everyone! I've enjoyed reading what people have to say about this topic.
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    A lot of this is solid leadership advice, but it also reminds of the structure when I worked at an insurance call center.
    A long story that ends sadly...
    Part of the "gamification" of employment and vise versa, I suppose. More power to anyone who enjoys it, I just don't really want to spend my leisure time coming up with personal and group goals and following metrics. I have enough IRL.
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    I am the Leader of TWD UK Carl.

    We have had a slow and steady build towards 8000 stars per challenge.

    Leadership for me is difficult as I am Autistic but I apply a certain set of principles and don't make exceptions. If someone is going to have a slow week or are going away we insist they let us know before the challenge. If stuff happens I am there and a quick message is unlikely to ever get seen badly.

    When we begun inactivity was eradicated quickly. I'm addicted to the game, I like to score, having people around me who're similar is important.

    Then as you build you raise the standards that are acceptable and advertise your Guild accordingly. If we have a minimum of 100 it's no good advertising that it's a free for all. We did this to our current position of 350 minimum with 400 preferred. There are plenty of Guilds that aren't playing to be the best. If we raise the minimum to 350 and someone isn't getting beyond 300 they have the ability to be a superstar in a mess about Guild so everyone wins by parting ways.

    Make friends. We have a facebook page at TWD UK Carl that isn't limited to members. We have members, ex-members, game enthusiasts and what looks like a few mascots. A Leader should feed back after every challenge and we use FB to do that. I record the dates, name of challenge, everyone's Stars, work out if they're ahead of where they were the week before both in terms of stars and against each other weekly. Now as we begun recording the names of the challenges I also include data to compare their scores against the same challenge X amount of time ago.

    Reward. We have a minimum. If people reach it we promote them to Elders. They deserve it, they've put the effort and deserve to feel they're part of the fabric. It's not a machine, it's organic and people are important. We have 19 members. We have no-one who isn't an Elder.

    Having a laugh, a joke and discussing tips are all encouraged through FB. We have a Series related Spoilers page, we have a Guild Council for democratic decisions too. This game and the people in it can be whatever you want it to be. It all comes down to one word. Effort.
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    Andrius is the leader of the Eh family. I couldn't ask for a better leader. He is always willing to help someone with strategy, advice and encouragement. Since we are now have 11 guilds, he devotes a lot of time to intraguild competition and movement between guilds to foster camaraderie. Plus he is amazing in challenges! He has also chosen many great people as coleaders and elders.
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    @mongo911 in our guild description we encourage people to bring lots of alcohol. So I agree with all your statements.
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    I do lots of yelling for my guild members to attack. When they flee, I shoot them all. I'm not a very good leader. :dizzy:

    You follow the acting of your show character obviously, don't ya!? :p
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    gespuer said:

    I do lots of yelling for my guild members to attack. When they flee, I shoot them all. I'm not a very good leader. :dizzy:

    You follow the acting of your show character obviously, don't ya!? :p
    My first thought was the Russian Commissars in WW2.

    But, yeah, I suppose the show character with the similar name would also apply.
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    > @brentp17 said:
    > I'm not my guild's leader (I'm an elder), but I feel our leader is one of the best. She posts really good scores, participates in chat and on our group's Facebook page. More importantly, she seeks the opinions of every member of the guild if there is a decision looming, whether it's raising the minimum, adding a new member, or kicking one whose contribution doesn't meet the standard the guild agreed on. When she makes a decision, she announces it, but also gives her reasoning that led to the decision. I have never found fault with any of them. Effective communication is the number one trait a good leader has, IMO, and @stephaniieanne08 has it, in spades.

    Very kind words @brentp17 Thank you for that! I try my best to be a great leader for you guys!
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    One of the things I like best about the guild I'm in is that the leader set a minimum keyed to your player level. This invites in players who aren't capable of making an absolute goal no matter how hard they work or how enthusiastic they are, and allows them to develop within the guild from the beginning rather than moving from guild to guild to guild as they improve their play and develop their survivors. I think it's a brilliant way to set a minimum and helps keep people in the guild. We're always full or nearly full, and we always make the 3060 goal, even though we have player levels as low as 20.
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    Be @WalkerBait1
    And done. Boom. That's all :)
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    Be a one man guild! You can do anything to yourself :sunglasses:
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    Squall said:

    Be a one man guild! You can do anything to yourself :sunglasses:

    But if I didn't follow my own rules and had to kick myself out that would destroy the whole guild. A good leader should never destroy his guild but should also not keep bad members.

    Now that would be a dilemma. :p
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    So true...

    I would not want to be part of any organization, that had a person like " me ", as a member...
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

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    **Set expectations / Guidelines and stick to them without exception. You want to have a Guild with members of equal mindset - whether that's casual, hardcore, or in-between, and that all starts at the top.

    **Communication is key. A good leader should always be communicating goals and "celebrating the positive" within. Encouragement works better than criticism.

    **"Activity breeds activity" - this is something I say as a Restaurant Manager IRL - if people see me pick up a broom and sweep during a lull, or cleaning a counter etc - they will do the same thing. If I just chill and watch TV - they're just gunna chill and watch TV. So basically, lead by example. If you want your members to be getting 100+ (or 200+ or 300+) Stars, YOU need to be doing the same thing. If you want your Guild to be a haven for fun times and jokes and banter - you need to be just as active as everyone else, if not Guild Chat / Facebook / whatever.

    **HAVE FUN! It's a game.......some people tend to lose sight of this, but at the end of the day - no matter what type of guild you are in - it's entertainment - not a job.

    "Individually, we are but drops of water in the ocean. But together, we are the ocean!"
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