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So we've all noticed that getting Hero Tokens have now become a bit of a challenge, especially if you are looking for a specific type.
The TG only gives us 4 Hero Tokens, every 6hrs, but it only gives us the common Heros and only gives Carol, Negan, Rick, Michonne, & now Carl on special occasions. The Special Radio calls gives us a slight chance of getting Tokens, but the chances are slim.

So I purpose that we get a new Crate for our TG. This new Create will contain 3 types of Hero Tokens, we won't know which ones exactly, other than it can be from any of the Heros, each Token has a total of 15, and the cost will be about 3000 TGS
ex.) 15 Glenn tokens, 15 Carol tokens, and 15 Daryl tokens all for the low price of 3000 tgs
This way we can upgrade and unlock Heros at a faster pace, only down side is we won't know which Tokens are in the Create


  • jeffstasykjeffstasyk Member Posts: 162
    So ur saying 45 tokens in each crate?? That would be way more than 3k tg...I mean 4 tokens is 800tg 45 would equal out to 9000tg
  • mellow_93mellow_93 Member Posts: 109
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    45 tokens for 3000 TG
    OR would you by 4 tokens for 800 tg (16 tokens = 3200 tg or 44 tokens = 8800 tg)
    This is just an idea, if the guys upstairs like the idea, they can do it however they want it to be
  • jeffstasykjeffstasyk Member Posts: 162
    That's what I'm would be way more than 3k...if they were to try something like this I feel like the honest cost would be like 15,000 TG for 45 tokens...since it would accelerate people's token count so much it would be costly...
  • bigmacbigmac Member Posts: 131
    So then just keep it at eight hundred and you can buy multiples. The store doesn't have to have just that one item and then it's out of stock it could have 10 and you can buy as many or as little as you want
  • RemnantsRemnants Member Posts: 137
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    I like the concept of this type of crate, although the numbers need some definite tweaking for the sake of balance.

    Perhaps it could present 9 random options, of 5 tokens each, & you can choose 3. That would be in line with the rarity presented throughout the rest of the game, but allow a player more choice in who they wish to focus on, while also presenting the possibility of snagging 5, 10, or even 15 tokens, for the same hero, due to it's randomness.
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