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I am new to the game and have been looking online for suggestions for who to keep however I'm having problems figuring it out. Below are who I have currently. I was considering getting a bundle and buying some phones and doing a bunch of the 15 phone call. I kinda want to try for michonne with the 10 call but figure i wont get enough to make it worth while. Everyone says lucky is amazing however if I have lucky and all my other traits don't have proc's is lucky really good to have? I've looked at the wordpress blog and it is good however even it admits he doesn't play with bruisers often so he isn't sure which are good.


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    Not sure if you asked a specific question in your post, so I'll just make a few comments on your survivors.

    First off, it's good that you know about @OneLessTitan 's site, should be very helpful for new players (and even some vets). He's done a great job with that.

    I'd say you're doing pretty good with where you are in the game. You obviously just unlocked warriors, so you'll start seeing better ones pop up in radio calls.

    For your hunters, Lois, Daryl and probably Joseph are good enough for now. You can get tokens for 2 or 3 of the other rares.

    Your scouts look good.

    Shooters, Paula is decent. The sure shot on Pamela makes her ok, but still have to roll the dice on traits if you decide to promote rares. Jesse has 2 nice traits, but personally I wouldn't bother using tokens on a 2star to promote. Just keep him for shooter quests for now.

    Your bruiser team is solid. A legendary already, your new guy Ramon is a keeper with the awesome retaliate trait.

    As for traits, lucky is always good, but not nearly as important as it used to be. I still like to have dodge on all my survivors, especially melee types, but ranged too. You've been unlucky so far getting dodge on your many hunters, but they will come in time.

    Whether you buy phones (or anything) is up to you, but yes, most people would recommend sticking to the 15 calls. I know you'd like Michonne, but getting her isn't easy. You'd have to be EXTREMELY lucky and/or spend hundreds of phones to unlock her.

    Anyway, just my thoughts. Enjoy the game

  • SynapseRangerSynapseRanger Member Posts: 233 This website is a good source for most questions.
    Good luck, dumbass
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    As has been implied here already, the issue at present time is there are still a number of unknown traits you haven't unlocked yet on your survivors, thereby making final judgment difficult as it requires an element of prediction. If you're new, I'd say focus on acquiring more survivors, radios, etc., and there's plenty of time later to worry about traits & trimming your roster down.

    On your passing question at the end about Bruisers; I would state that my ideal Bruiser traits are: -Retaliate, -Bullet-dodge, -Dodge, -Luck, & Whatevers (i.e. "whatevers" = IronSkin or Strong). Such a Bruiser is divine, for its class.

    For me, if Melee class doesn't have "Retaliate," then it's not worth keeping in the long-run. I don't even care what other wonderful traits the melee-survivor possesses; it's Retaliate trait, or bust.

    Goodluck, have fun.
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