Is this game going to move forward soon???

Am i the only one who thinks this is beginning to be a bit repetitive and missing new content? In my guild im far from the only one and we losing members to other games because of it. I Really hope Nextgames will bring new features, buildings and gameplay soon!! What do you think they should add to the game and do you feel like it's about time
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    Double post do to forum lag and stuff
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    I like the idea with the three choices and you get to pick one, it would make the crates much more worth it
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    Fully agree @BttlOpener , episode 14 in nightmare mode = lvl 24 survivors required. And that's a "wtf" point regarding the possibilities facing normal walkers in challenges with lvl 20 survivors, fully legendary geared with lvl 23 armors and weapons.
    To put it in a nutshell, let's face it : nightmare episode 14 is made to stop your will to "finish" that game.
    None can finish it for obvious reasons, like the fact that once episodes completed, if no new mission is created, after the church, most players will close and go to another game.
    I can picture out that mobile games are not supposed to end anyway - it's about money .
    Still, doing no update or any consistent changes for so long is just a way to sit and wait, grabbing money and players getting bored until they uninstall.
    My people also quit guilds, or talks more and more about the PC WD game by TellTale.
    It smells more and more everyday like a "Titanic way" to end NML.
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    So basically this game is a waste
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    On another thread they told me they are updating soon. It kryptically sounded like in a week or 2 but don't quote me.
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    Don't lose hope, you might be surprised

    Update date:Soon

    Probably making a video!

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    We've been waiting since before xmas.
    This is the slowest dev team in the history of gaming.
    Wash, rinse, repeat
    Wash, rinse, repeat
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    Well the update will be slow.
    Xmas = Holidays.
    Even though its been 5 weeks since xmas, its probably more like 2.5 after all the holidays.
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    > @R2runfast said:
    > We've been waiting since before xmas.
    > This is the slowest dev team in the history of gaming.
    > Wash, rinse, repeat
    > Wash, rinse, repeat

    I am a refugee from Kabam's Star Wars game. NG is amazing by comparison...
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    Updates usually coincide with season/mid-season premiers.
    Mid-season premiere is February 12, 2017 so hopefully we'll see something soon.
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    While it has not been explicitly confirmed, and exact details of what the update contains are unknown, Shteevie mentioned that on his "to do" list this week was to come up with updates notes. I assume that 2.4 will roll out next week in advance of the season 7-B premier on Sunday, Feb 12.
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    I still don't see how it takes so many weeks, even months to roll out updates
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    I still don't see how it takes so many weeks, even months to roll out updates

    Well, I somehow can imagine that. What I don't get is the lack of information concerning the following update. I mean even though NG is still busy with working on it, at least give us something to discuss or even better to be thrilled for. If you still cannot do that because there are legal restrictions whatsoever, talk to us!
    You have to keep your community interested, but for too long they have kept quiet and a lot of players have left.
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    They aren't gonna say anything...

    Other than, blah blah blah...
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

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    Love this game and I hope NG keeps improving it. I have say that there was poor planning about the 'END' of the game, things like maxed out supplies, no new story missions and weapon upgrades. Seems like NG does a lot of patching!
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    For new players or low level players it is moving forward. The people that paid money to rush through the game essentially screwed themselves if they now feel like 'what now?'

    But ya, it is fairly repetitive... I guess for a certain kind of personality thats not such an issue? I for one probably play 1/2 as much as I used to. Not so into grinding and farming.
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    It took a great leap forward today.
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    Silence is golden :)

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    Here is my experience and hope:

    I used to play a facebook app game called "criminal case". What kept me playing a long time (nearly 2 years without getting bored) was that the developer kept adding new maps frequently. All other content was a nice add on.

    I don't know how developing works and how intense it is to create new maps with different setup, but in my imagination it's not so difficult to take excisting maps and just change the items and content to offer new maps.
    I think after testing those a couple of times it is possible to offer at least one new map per month.

    So my hope is that NG will focus more on new maps frequently to value the veterans.
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    @jester something happened I don't know about?
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    > @Marcus6253 said:
    > @HunterKiller You obviously don't have any experience with software development. I imagine that NG has a list of thousands of bugs that have been reported and categorized/prioritized along with a development schedule. Each developer is most likely assigned a list of these items to work on along with a preliminary schedule. Each developer most likely works on their own private copy of the overall repository so that their changes do not impact other developers and so that they are not impacted by other changes. Periodically during the cycle merges are done from the private copies to the main repository so that a clean code base can be maintained that is relatively up to date. A build is made from this repository that is then submitted to a test team. This test team then runs a series of test and results in several new bug reports that are added to the list.
    > This is how modern software development works and NG makes some fairly significant changes in what I consider a reasonable amount of time. Add to this that it is a server based game that needs to maintain synchronization between each player and the server, and there is a whole new layer of complexity. This is why I added my LOL to your comment above.
    > @Shteevie @Teeceezy How close am I to describing your development environment?

    Well I am BME/Mechanical so I have some idea as to how programming works; no I can't do it myself and don't always know the work involved. I do think it also depends heavily on the size of the dev team. I really don't know the scope of NML so I can't say but it plays a pretty large role in the turnaround time.
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    I mean even though NG is still busy with working on it, at least give us something to discuss or even better to be thrilled for.

    They created a whole new forum category for this topic :D

    Still not enough to discuss?
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    The game began moving a few hours ago. Check Announcements

    Probably making a video!

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