How many survivors in total?

We've killed over a billion walkers in just a week (or less?) and now I'm interested to know how many survivors are there in the game?


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    If we did 1b in 6 days, thats 166m per day.

    Lets say on a scavenger mission worth 6 gas, the average kill is probably 10-20.
    And you could do 24 of those a day = 240-480 walker kills.
    That would be between 347k-700k people.

    Obviously that is a very rough number.
    1 - People would have done more challenges than scavenge missions.
    2 - People may have been farming more, so the average kill might have been a little higher per day.
    3 - Most people can't play all day, so a lot of gas is wasted
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    New survivors are found every day...

    Probably making a video!

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