Any tips? RSL is 17 for me on this, and I have 16's. Just cannot get past this.

If it's Scouts, I'll have an issue, as i only have lvl16 knife's - Base lvl13


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    That's a hard one, took me forever, and then only made it by the skin of my teeth I was shocked when I got through LOL anyway YouTube is your best friend there's 1 million videos on there and a whole bunch of them about this particular mission just Google The Walking Dead no man's land chapter 13 mission five
    Best of luck!!
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    @carlos1981 I took an Assault and a Warrior (with Retaliate) in Nightmare and made it with moderate injuries. I used the Assault to soften them up and had the Warrior do the damage with their Gold Arc weapon. You have to watch where you put the rescued Shooter. They die quick if you leave them exposed. It also helps to kill the Freeman when the walkers are nearby. They get distracted with eating the dead Freeman, so don't kill them too quickly. I was able to charge up the Assault and stun the group that was coming in just as I was opening the gate to escape. You need some luck here. Dodge is a good trait to have as well for the Survivor and armor. Good luck!
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    I used a bruiser and a scout with threat reduction on the weapon.
    Bruiser had wide margin thanks to mission reward, not needed but helpfull.

    Stun them with bruiser, then finish them off with scout. (Remember that bruiser-stunned walkers garantee the next attack to be critical).
    Try to single them out and kill them 1 by 1.

    Because I had threat reduction, no new walkers where introduced.
    It was easy to walk out.

    Edit- scout can be rsl -3 with bad weapon, just need threat reduction I guess.
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    Hmm, Thanks for the tips - I've a feeling i may need to leave this for a while, as i have no Bruiser kit with wide margin, and no scout kit with threat reduction. How would i get those?

    I tried again, using Leg Scout with Retaliatem Dodge, Luck, Strong. Leg Bruiser, Luck, Dodge, Retaliate. Scouts Best weapon has Gold Swift Strike (Never got a chance to use that!) - That's a base lvl13 maxed to 16, Bruisers Best kit has silver concusion Gold charging is the only trait left to upgrade.

    I have Epic Assualt with Dodge (No Luck though) And Epic Warior (As she has Luck\Dodge). Assualt has Gold Piercing (although it's Lvl17), Warrior can take Epic Sword, with Gold Arc

    If that fails, i may have to leave it while hunting for kit worth upgrading. Shame equipment scavenges give such poor kit :( Guess the only way to get good kit is to gamble on the 12.5K TG Goods

  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,007
    Wide margin is a reward for finishing chapter 14.
    So I've used it for the second run through...
    Don't need that though.

    Threat reduction is just luck I guess. I suppose silver trait is good enough. So rare,epic or legendary weapon can be used.

    Another way to beat the mission is just getting your survivors 1 lvl higher. Should be easy in that case. Bruiser plus warrior/scout combo should work fine.
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    And..... Assault + Epic Warrior wins! Went more aggressive this time and killed off Everyone before the last gate, got through, but just about!
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,007
    Did nightmare version today. Rsl23, used lvl 20 bruiser and lvl 20 scout. No wide margin, no threat reduction. Bruiser was sent to the hospital, but I've made it.

    I've stunned the freemen and he made a nice meal for the lvl 24 walkers that where after me. This bought me the time to open the gate.

    The survivor i've saved was lvl13, I mean come on... He was no help in battle that is for sure...
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