Unfair Play or bug ?

3126 stars for a guild never heard off plus a view guilds near 1000 stars, in a couple of hours, it 's not realistic to me. I Am in a dutch guild called dutch zombies , for many months we are in the top 3 of our country. Batteling with lucilles wrath,
Nl united and lucilles fury for the nr 1 position in the Netherlands. All of these guild's dont show up in the top 100 anymore. please ng fix the leaderboards already, for months now the are broken. People in our guild are getting demotived. Whats going on ??
(Sorry for my english)


  • jesterjester Member Posts: 2,751
    It's a bug.
  • kryptonixkryptonix Member Posts: 253
    The bug being, the leaderboard is reset each week as soon as the guild scores 1 star, unfortunately there are numerous teams that have no one logging in to them and as such their last score remains as a ghost on the leaderboard.
  • zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,135
    Why are we so obsessed with the Leader Boards, which are broken since eternity.

    At our guild, we really don't care. BTW every time I click the LB, our guild is number one in the world and in US and we lead the number 2 guild by some 8000 stars.

    NG you better remove the LB once and for all

    I am the one and only Zee Black, climbed all the way to Level 75, part of SG Woot, the 3 million star guild

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