Great job NG!



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    @Artisans , I don't think I would sit with him anyway. I would get slaughtered.
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    @SCBMA I don't disagree with you either, lol. And I rarely agree with NG, as many know. I think I'll just go back to killing the undead. Cheers!
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    I luv killing...

    I'm going to Finland... Yea for me...

    Damm un-dead computer programmers...
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

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    @DLich said
    DLich said:

    We play challenges and when/if it times out and we have to reload we are brought back to our camp so this is an exploit.

    I play on an outdated iPad2 with limited memory and quite frequently get kicked out of a challenge mission because I run out of RAM to allocate for whatever is being displayed on the screen. I would say this happens 10 to 20 times each challenge period. When this happens I close the game and log back in and I have never ever had the game restart back at the camp. It always restarts back in the challenge at the point where it was when I got kicked out. Since I'm not 100 % sure what the problem was or why people got banned I can only assume that they were doing something that made them come back in the camp instead of in the challenge.

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    @SCBMA I misread what you said.
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    SlickRick said:


    I agree that it sucks that guilds and honest players were hurt by this indirectly

    On the flip side what does it say about the people doing it that they would risk trouble for their guild and friends?

    I'm retired but I still chat with my guild every day and would never do anything to adversely affect their gameplay

    Well, I couldn't say. Maybe they didn't think much about it. Maybe they were just curious and wanted to try it out. Maybe they even thought they could help their guilds like that by achieving more stars. I wouldn't know.

    I also don't know what actually led to a ban, if only people are affected who used it more than just once or twice to find out if it really worked (people do these kinds of things out of curiosity)...

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    Strange how a couple guilds didn't use it that week? Bit of inside info always helps i suppose? As always the community and i will become even more disenfranchised as we ponderously await a reply with baited breath.... I'll bet the ban is over by the time we see any sort of reply that isn't a vapid statement. Will you even acknowledge that this has been about for at least 2 months? Tick tock, tick tock.... Sigh...
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    @SCBMA, i agree. And yes, yes they do communicate to a select player base
    blynknz said:

    Yes, they told the GC on Friday (if not earlier) that the were discussing possible penalties.

    Why could they not tell the entire community

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    I'm sorry that you do not understand the definition of exploit. A repeatable is a exploit or using a known bugged weapon.
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    This all sound dodgy as f#ck the cheat has been there for 2 months or more apparently with ng knowing about it and ppl only got banned this week.
    The ppl involved and banned this week were stupid enough to go crazy with the cheat and get big scores and make it obvious. How about others that were smart enough to use it on the down low and not get huge scores or the ones that knew ng was finally on to it this week and didn't use it. The leader board is now a joke.
    Bring on the weekly/Fortnightly individual leaderboard
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    So what you are saying is you are exploiting maps by using low level surviors. It's not a strategy its a using a glitch in a certain map in your favor.
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