Great job NG!



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    So, you take exception to questioning the Company's integrity...

    That is understandable...

    Yet... NextGames is a Company, that sells game products, ( for money... ) and then, changes/diminishes their value/power for game play...
    And then eloquently defends the practice as " balancing game-play "


    Well... A rose by any other name...........
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

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    @SlickRick @Shteevie
    Could you tell me what the bug was? I have friends who always make 430 to 440 stars per challenge and do not know why they are blocked.
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    edited February 2017
    @S100200 they probably tested out the exploit out of curiosity and did it one too many times and that's why they got blocked
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    Yes there are lots "Better then me" I still stand by my thoughts. But I won't go into any further based on fear of being "blocked" "banned" and or "bashed" maybe a combination of all three. Indeed I can do repeats, using the wrestling trait to continue to do one star increments. I don't have the time. Nor do i have the patience. I will continue to believe this based on strict belief. The math is possible, but like i said unlikely. Show me on the leaderboard once this is patched. Lots believe this I'm not the only one, I am just the one speaking up. Cheers
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    So I've been informed of atleast 5 players who admittedly used this glitch who weren't banned.
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    @SCBMA or a threshold of how many times in a day someone logged in and out of their account.

    I heard there were players who tested other aspects of the glitch but only used it once on stars and got banned.

    I even heard that the glitch is still active but everyone knows the results of overdoing it.

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    I think much of the recent actions by NG would not have caused any player issues/angst had they just said publicly they were aware of the bug and said that people should not exploit it.

    - I agree with this; but it is an important point that saying something this vague may have caused a lot of name-and-blame, finger-pointing, and private messages of accusations and 'tattling', for lack of a better word. I am glad that we had the tools to analyse and solve the issue quickly, but I also know that we need to be extremely confident when we take action lest we make a small mistake bigger.

    Yes, the way it was ultimately handled was much better. No name-and-blame, finger-pointing, or PMs of accusations and "tattling." As for solving it quickly, what is the official definition? One month? Several weeks? :lol:
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    You "had a blast" using the exploit but it wasn't because of the free stars? Horse poop. Is there some other mystical effect from the cheat aside from free stars that I'm not aware of?

    All this dissembling to justify cheating because it was "more fun" is ridiculous.
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    @Mabiki if someone did it on a day that challenge missions were only one gas each; someone could then play any aspect of the game with that gas cost such as scavenger and story missions.

    Edit* I agree though using it as a substitute to a $2 unlimited gas is hardly a justifiable reason but that was another feature that was discovered.

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  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
    Fair enough. I suppose being able to play at reduced gas cost is more fun, but it's not like it changes the actual content of any mission, so the argument falls flat for me.

    I personally don't care one whit about stars or leaderboards. The only thing that was different is exploiters were getting more for less. I have no dog in the fight, other than I think it's disingenuous to act like the exploit changed anything other than that. Basically you're saying it was fun to game the system and get something for certainly didnt make maps or any other game content different than what was there before the exploit.
  • Gunslingr420Gunslingr420 Member Posts: 22
    Thanks Josh respect for someone who is straight up.
  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
    Weird, the posts I was responding to in this thread have been deleted or disappeared, which makes my comments seem out of place.
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    the extra XP bug - nobody was banned.
    the Back Dumpster bug - nobody was banned.
    the Star bug - bans

    if everybody that used the bug is punished, okay. if only the people that somebody pointed out were punished, thats where the issue comes in. hopefully the device used to find out who abused the bug was a little more sophisticated than word of mouth.

    NG didn't ban because no money was involved in the first two and big bucks were involved in the last one so it banned.

    Some players calling the outpost exploit cheating. Every game has bugs/ exploits which certain players exploit. I would not classify playing the outposts and earning stars as cheating.

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    I was apologizing (although I get why you think otherwise)...I was just trying to explain to @Survivor420 why I went off the way I did after the thread went the complete opposite direction...either way just wanted to explain to you before I go back in my hole


    While I don't agree with everything you said per se I do respect that you owned up to your actions and apologized for it...I think people will respect you for that far more than the ones trying to blame anything and everything else for what they props :)
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