Rank my scouts need to trim roster down a bit

My view is to retire Lucille and Ele


  • mcbkhicksmcbkhicks Member Posts: 686
    edited January 2017
    any melee that dont have retaliate is auto scrap for me

    yea those 2 would be the ones id retire first too @stephcurry
  • GarretGarret Member Posts: 135
    mara and melissa are beasts!! congrats!
    I would retire the rest.
  • Jester_CGFJester_CGF Member Posts: 84
    Everyone's going to have their own set of "standards" when it comes to Survivors......

    The most common opinions I've found from asking the same question(s) are:

    1) All Survivors need to have Lucky/Dodge, and to a lesser degree Bullet Dodge
    2) All melee Survivors need to also have Retaliate

    Personally, all my melees need to have Lucky, Dodge, Bullet Dodge, and Retaliate (I'm picky lol)....

    Having said that I would def keep Mara and Melissa no questions asked.

    Eleanor and Eddy are "maybes"....

    Scrap Benjamin and Lucille imo.

    "Individually, we are but drops of water in the ocean. But together, we are the ocean!"
  • stephcurrystephcurry Member Posts: 52
    Consensus is keep Melissa and Mara. It took so many tokens to fish for alpha scouts. Will keep eddy for sure but if Ben has luck on a weapon would it be just as good?
  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    A legendary survivor with Luck at 5 is 18%
    Luck on weapons is 15% for silver or 20% for gold, so to answer your question, yes, it's just as good

    Obviously, having luck on both survivor and weapon is better

    Having said that, maximizing luck isn't as important as it used to be, depending on the trait you look at.

    For traits like bullet dodge or accurate (critical), with a base% of 5/10/15 and no duplicate trait stacking (like dodge), the various combinations of luck on survivor and/or weapons only adds 1-6% to those base values. Of course, the higher the base % of the trait, the more it benefits from luck.

    Sorry, I'm elaborating beyond your simple question. Even though it's slightly off topic, let me say this about the luck trait on weapons.

    I looked at all the possible combinations of luck and how it affected each trait. My conclusion was, that on weapons, gold luck is only marginally better than silver luck.

    For weapons, silver luck 15% vs gold luck 20%

    For traits (including stacked traits) up to 30%, gold luck only adds about 1% vs silver
    For traits 40-50%, gold luck adds 2%
    60%, gold adds 3%
    75-80%, 4%

    Even combined with luck on your survivor, these percentages stay true

    Imo, on weapons, silver luck is good enough.

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