no mans land fair play. now on facebook

buchizombiebreathbuchizombiebreath Member Posts: 1,131
hi guys!

i am standing just for fair play!!

i know the bug was there and i didnt use him!!

some guys are bad players and wanna cheat!

they search for bugs and this is no fair play!

some guys build a site on facebook for cheaters and they are loosers! they kicked all out from 200 members to 60 cause they dont wanna make the game better, just use the bug alone!!!

feel free to join my facebookgroup who every one can join and named players!

we can link this name to ng!#

the guild alliance is for

making the game great again

and fair play

greetings buchi
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  • buchizombiebreathbuchizombiebreath Member Posts: 1,131
  • AmelyAmely Member Posts: 24

    This is the Facebook group Buchi mentioned above
  • buchizombiebreathbuchizombiebreath Member Posts: 1,131
    thanks amely
  • wrinkled_bagwrinkled_bag Member Posts: 713
    Why not post the link to the group who kicked you ? Interested to see who the members are.
  • AmelyAmely Member Posts: 24
    My pleasure Buchi
  • DLichDLich Member Posts: 5,562
    So the purpose of this thread is because you were upset with being deleted from a facebook group?

    So we're now going to dox the players that are in that group because of it?

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  • Black_JackBlack_Jack Member Posts: 278
    If he's referring to the NLM FB group I am a member and they will not discuss the recent cheat so I'm not sure what page he got kicked off from ?
  • mandi138mandi138 Member Posts: 8
    I really don't think any of these accusations should be fought about in a public forum. If you have an issue with someone talk to them directly.

    Stop attacking Julia. Yall are pissed off because someone else cleaned shop in GA and you didn't make the cut. Julia wasn't the one that got rid of people so all this pent up aggression should not be aimed at her.

    For Christ's sakes IT'S A GAME!!!!!! Why is everyone so bent out of shape for a damn game? Grow up, go back to work and stop attacking people for having a difference of opinion.
  • mandi138mandi138 Member Posts: 8
    One last thing. Do not group everyone in the GA under the same umbrella. Most of us didn't use the GLITCH. (Because that's what it was a glitch, not a cheat a glitch.) The glitch has been around for a lot longer than one week idgaf what NG or you guys say it has. The ones that used the glitch? So what. One week on top of the leader boards (which is a joke anyways since it hasn't worked properly in months) isn't hurting you or anyone else. They got their penalty. They can't play right now. How does them using a GLITCH effect you?

    And just so you are aware Julia didn't even go over her PB last week and I have the screenshot to prove it.

    Seriously I have a screenshot from the guy that created this new group sharing a cheat website for this game on his other Facebook account.

    Can we not just play the game that we all love? Are we in high school?
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,902
    To all please keep the discussion civil. Thank you.
  • mandi138mandi138 Member Posts: 8
    @KristinM again I'm not going to fight over a public forum. If you have an issue with me you know how to reach me
  • baknsdlbaknsdl Member Posts: 26
    A FB page started by a person that is calling members of the GA cheaters when he himself posted a link to a game hack on his FB page....
  • mandi138mandi138 Member Posts: 8
    edited February 2017
    Here's the screen shot
  • Nick19Nick19 Member Posts: 3
    Yes the guy that started this thread posted "how tos" on hacking NML! I have it on screen shot!!!!!!!
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