Soup Cans for Trade Goods/Fuel/Legendary Weapons or Armor

In two days, I will max out on Soup Can storage. Need to offer options for those of us who have maxed out our camps (and sitting on 17+ million soup cans) while waiting for the next update to upgrade our Camps. Will you bring back more options for soup cans, please? Thanks!


  • lmfgunnutlmfgunnut Member Posts: 1,636
    They just turned off the supplies for ______ trades last week. Periodically returns, seems to be announced when they do so.
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  • RemnantsRemnants Member Posts: 137
    Or appearing in the shop, at least once per day
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    edited February 2017
    Once per 2 weeks would be enough:)) at least 1 per month.....I doub't that ppl can get 17 mil tomatoes in 1 month.
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  • RemnantsRemnants Member Posts: 137
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    Maybe once per week. Top level players, who have nothing else to do with thier supplies, would fill up thier reserves way faster than 2 weeks/1 month....

    Of course, I'm not there yet, so not sure how many Supplies are produced at top levels. Considering though, that (at player level 37) I am greeted by approx 14000 supplies X 5 garden plots = 70000 supplies, at least once each day. Even I could produce around 1 million supplies in a week, and that's without going scavenging. So, I'm assuming the production of the gardens increases significantly enough to warrant it, by the time you are approaching max level.
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    edited February 2017
    @Remnants I'm top lvl since months but 18 mil still looks out of the sight for me. I spent all tomatoes on last exchange event and now I have 9 mil. It was 2 , 3 weeks ago?
    No way to get them in month.
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  • RemnantsRemnants Member Posts: 137
    @Amiga Alright then, but the exchange events are not unlimited are they? Like, the last one was for an amount of either 200000, or 1 MIL, after which you have to wait for the shop to restock before doing it again? So then, if you DID happen to have full storage, you would have to "buy" both options approximately 15 times, before the "event" ended, in order to empty your storage. So, point being, just for the sake of convenience, the option should be offered more often.

    Unless, of course, the exchange event WAS "unlimited", allowing immediate purchase of multiple packages. Then, everything I just said means nothing. ;)
  • enigma12enigma12 Member Posts: 248
    I used all of my cans with the last offer and NOW IM FULL AGAIN! We need a weekly cans swap offer!
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    @enigma12 full? Nice. I still need 10 mil....I'm using every single gas and still way from full. Hope to see exchange event soon.
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  • ZardoxZardox Member Posts: 123
    This needs to happen now veteran players are getting penalized.
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