Daryl outpost defence

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Hi guys,

Seen a few topics about this but not to my satisfaction...
I would like to know from you pro outpost raiders if you would lineup Daryl for your outpost defence... or perhaps a hunter with better traits...
The retaliate trait is usefull unless there is a shooter with large range...
The other standard traits except dodge arent that great I think...
Or would you prefer a shooter above Daryl... that means no retaliate and no multiple raider hits...

Let me know what you think!

Thanks :)


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    You got proof his retaliate is bugged? Are there more players that experienced this?
    If thats the case why didn't NG fixed this? It seems you dont use Daryl but prefer a assault and shooter with no kind of retaliate? Then they are vulnerable for attacks... I would skip your bruiser at start...
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    Yeah I have seen some more threads about it... thanks for the help... appreciated! :)
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    @Passie Well, at this moment I´m allowing others to raid me and I have mix of lvl17/18 common survs as defenders. But once in a while, when Im getting close to 3k influence, Im switching to Negan/Daryl/Rosita. Negan with upgraded gear can survive several shots with his 3k+ HP bar and retaliate of Rosita and Daryl is great for weakening attackers before they are wiped out. Sure, any setup is beatable, but Im usually winning 4 of 5 attacks on my outpost.
    Another great option for defending is using 3 bruisers. If they are properly geared and with 50/75% stun resist, it is really hard to wipe them. I believe not possible without any hospital time. Unless one place them such way, they can be picked one by one with possible recharge on incoming walkers.
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    Thanks all for the comments!
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