aide en français . french support.

edwin64edwin64 Member Posts: 84
many of my french fellows have a hard time when it come to update or news translations. ..or when they want to ask something to devs. here s a place to help.
Bienvenue au francophones. N hésitez pas à poser ici vos questions sur les news. la mise à jour ou autre. merci de garder les sujets en lien avec le jeu.


  • sousou Member Posts: 370
    tres bonne initiative merci!
    great idea thank you!
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,172
    Neil_J said:

    Assuming other languages are also available, can someone please translate the update notes into that African language that consists solely of clicks (I forget what it's called) please?

    Many thanks in advance ;)

    C'est Bushman. (Dans le film, 'The Gods Must Be Crazy',,,,, Les Dieux Doivent Fous?)
  • edwin64edwin64 Member Posts: 84
    edited February 2017
    @TransmuteJun : les dieux sont tombés sur la tête .

    reason of the post : french text didn t get through update. thus no explications on the new challenge. but seems like there no question about it . or those Who dont speak english are scared to come here.
  • djilaidjilai Member Posts: 25
    @edwin64 thanks a lot for your post , we are not scared to come in this forum.
    We don't need information yet about the new challenge.
    But be sure that if something is not as clear as i expect i will ask you some explanations
  • peguilleminpeguillemin Member Posts: 1
    As a french player from France, I can help to translate.

    C'est une belle journée pour mourir.
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