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    @drinky according to the play test and @DLich 's thread - the actual amount of gas used per challenge is actually equal or less then you used before. Time wise it may take more as the challenge is more difficult from the beginning, no more 3 second shoot and done.

    It's good that we get to repeat the levels, that is where the good content and rewards are.
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    @Marcus6253 each to their own.. merely pointing out the challenge re work was wanted by some as it was felt repetitive and took to much time up.. the time issue isnt solved.. and like you said some have been up to rsl+10 to lev 30 (although wont happen now with this model im sure) then the amount of rounds is impossible without booster.. to me i wonder if it will still get very repetitive very fast, or require gas boosters to compete towards the top. of course that a personal choice for anyone that wants to. not sure i agree with having to buy a gas booster to being able to compete at top level however, as tables i have seen mean if you slept 8 hours and used the rest you'd get enough for about 800 stars.

    As i stated initially i actually like the ideas just question if need to play each these levels 3 times, as most people want to get to the levels that really challenge themselves and rsl -1 isn't really a skilled challenge. so why the 3x at -1 rsl why not at rsl +1 or why not from the level we start from (not saying i want that) just want to understand the logic..

    And my question was actually about what the logic was with needing to play each 3 times, and why at that specific level it starts as i m sure there is some just not sure i understand it. and certainly dont care about (or trying to ) changing others opinions or err "trying to ruin it for others " just a simple question as why it was felt needed, as the rewards are insanely good which is what i started by commenting on which is a huge improvement. Don't want the leader board to be really only down to those who are willing to spend the most or willing to play the most. would prefer more skill involved in the makeup of it. (just my opinion)
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    While it does seem the challenges are still going to be repetitive... the rewards aren't so awful that it makes it pointless like before... also I seem to get free gas pretty often when doing challenges... not sure if this is intentional or random luck...
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    I just got this one, it they keep it like this I think im going to dump the scavenger missions

    Got a LEG lvl 20, wont let me post the picture
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    thanks for confirming @Shteevie
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    Shteevie said:

    A few of the goals we had for the new system included the following:

    • Letting new / non-maxed players play more
    • Keeping veterans who were tired of low levels
    • Allowing non-maxed players to still be valuable contributing members to a competetive guild
    • Make skill a bigger indicator of success and not solely persistence
    • Find ways to slightly increase difficulty instead of increasing enemy level constantly
    • Provide rewards that are relevant to all levels, and based on effort
    • Make better use of all of the challenge maps
    • Help people unlock heroes and get promotions faster
    • keep Pay-to-play players from completely outstripping the free players
    FWIW, I can see elements of all of these in the new system, and it really opens my eyes as to what NG can do when they really plan ahead and work out something from the ground up. So far, I am quite pleased with the new system.

    @drinky FWIW, I've been playing this challenge for a day and a half and I'm already up to 372 stars. I've had 8 hours of sleep, done errands around the house and out of the house, caught up on a bunch of stuff on my DVR, done work at home, went into work super early this morning and just got back. I've even played some other mobile games since yesterday morning! I did buy one tank of gas (with gold) but the rest I was able to play on my free time with gas earned by waiting. So presuming someone has the skills/survivors, there is certainly enough time throughout the challenge for a good player to earn about 800 stars.

    As for me, I guess I'm not as 'skilled' as you, since I generally have to stop playing at RSL 24. So I'm expecting to earn about 750 stars total from this challenge (or at least the 740 token crate). But I'm hardly a competitive player... I just enjoy playing to see how far I can go. So it's my suspicion that the top individual players will be reaching 1,000+ stars. I guess we'll see at the end of the weekend.

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    I have a problem in the new update, I took a break in the last 6 months and now I have over 200 crate rewards from the time I has playing. I have 200k crates and I can t play challenge 2.0 because I need to collect them so how do I play the challenge and keep the crates?
  • ShteevieShteevie Staff Posts: 1,335
    Our testing shows that you will be able to collect your crates when you enter the new challenge. If something goes wrong, please contact Support through the help menu.
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    Please note: Development is a fluid process, and suggestions and implementation take time and iteration. Any discussion of future features, deadlines, updates, balance changes, and such should be considered prospective and subject to change.
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    NeoTheOne said:


    Surely you wouldn't intentionally take me so dumb as to suggest that Supplies should be not "still around at all for maxed player." I know what will happen if we can't collect Supplies anymore and you surprise us again with another Council upgrade. My idea was quiet simple: You took out Supplies in reward crates at Level 20+ why not take it out in all levels?

    @NeoTheOne, if I am allowed to respond without being told off.
    I believe this is sort of a roundabout way of excluding the supplies for max players.
    Players lower than RSL20, will not be running those missions (as much), therefore it will still give them a chance to get the normal supplies, and upgrade their buildings.

    The same with scavenger missions. It will exclude max players from getting the supplies, but allow others to.

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    Do you mean keep them as in keeping them unopened? If so: TG can't be stolen anymore so you can open them and don't need to worry.
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    Shteevie said:

    Our testing shows that you will be able to collect your crates when you enter the new challenge. If something goes wrong, please contact Support through the help menu.

    I think @vagabond is not wanting to cash in the crates. I believe he is asking how to keep them.

    I assume the answer is you can't, and NG probably don't want you to horde them
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    Shteevie said:

    @drinky @Marcus6253 @jeffstasyk and others-

    You all have good points, and each of you is coming from a slightly different viewpoint. I think that this is great; everyone being able to find ways to consider the challenges but still generally finding them to be worthwhile is pretty much the best possible result for a game with such a diverse population.

    A few of the goals we had for the new system included the following:

    • Letting new / non-maxed players play more
    • Keeping veterans who were tired of low levels
    • Allowing non-maxed players to still be valuable contributing members to a competetive guild
    • Make skill a bigger indicator of success and not solely persistence
    • Find ways to slightly increase difficulty instead of increasing enemy level constantly
    • Provide rewards that are relevant to all levels, and based on effort
    • Make better use of all of the challenge maps
    • Help people unlock heroes and get promotions faster
    • keep Pay-to-play players from completely outstripping the free players
    As you can see, finding a sweet spot that more or less accomplishes all of those is asking a lot. Compromises and designing for averages is absolutely necessary when you have so many different player styles and different reasons that players want to engage in the challenge. I'm not completely convinced that we did hit all of those goals, to be honest, and I'm reserving judgement until the novelty wears off and the new normal numbers can be calculated.

    We're reading everything and taking all opinions into account. There is always a possibility to improve a system, and so we'll be collecting all of the feedback offered to us. Thanks for having a mostly-friendly discussion on a complex topic and keeping it mostly constructive. Cheers!
    I agree with @TransmuteJun, that when you actually plan something, you can do "some" good :)

    Although there are things I don't like about the change, I do like

    - That new players can play more
    - And allow them to contribute to the guild more
    - Provide more relevant rewards

    I don't really agree with some of the other points you have made.
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    To those people hoarding hundreds of crates from the previous system: why? I'm genuinely curious here.
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  • OneVoiceOneVoice Member Posts: 133
    -Added more grind, less fun.
    -Thinking leaving my guild.
    -Was on verge of getting close to 400 stars in old system.

    -Pointless repeating rsl, x3 times...oh, they add extra spawn, ohhh clever, lol. Just take me to next level.

    -The design just gives me more to do in a limited time.
    -I don't think starting against higher rsl has helped as added more repeats to counter it out.

    -So the reward shake up is good. So is the UI.

    -But i cannot forgive the bad design of keeping the grind. What's that saying? 'Emperor in new clothes' or something...
  • jeffstasykjeffstasyk Member Posts: 162
    It's nowhere near the same type of grind...the horrible grind of the first 10 or 15 or 20 levels depending on ur level was horrible and ridiculously not fun....this gets u in the thick of it way faster...

    Playing the levels 3x is necessary unless u want the challenge to be over in 1 day...if u start at level 12 like me...just yesterday I got to 16.2 (the 3rd go)...if there was no triple play...then just yesterday I would have finished lvl 18...and for most part be completely done unless I grinder out 19 and made a feeble attempt at 20...this way I got on today...played 16.2...17x3...18x3...and now am on 19.1...
    [Deleted User]Amiga
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    I think the word 'grind' can be used to different degrees. My point is that doing the same maps (6 of them) at 18 times, just to move on is a grind. In the sence its no fun. No key variety.

    Why not have 10 maps? Or make maps bigger/longer to play/more in depth and at keep at 6...

    ...remove the repeatitive. Just get me to the point where there's a challenge. Which is +2 or +3 or +4 or +5 over my survivor level where it's interesting.

    Starting the challenge at -6 rsl from my survivor level is too low. Needs to be -1 or -2 below.

    Guild members keep leaving because of the time involved in achieving a high score. This was the one thing I wanted, to play less. Currently we have to grind over 5/6 odd days of a challenge.

    No, make a challenge shorter. Let me play hard for 3/4 days...and this is another key point here...in the days off, lol...i can start harvesting and playing missions/other. The current challange system doesn't allow for this.
  • jeffstasykjeffstasyk Member Posts: 162
    @OneVoice yea but since I'm guessing u are a lvl58 player or damn close...u need to realize you are in the vast minority of all players...on the forum lvl58 is common...in the game as a whole...no way...so saying start at -1 or -2 rsl is crazy for the average everyday player...I play alot...just started like 2-3 months ago...am at lvl41 with lvl17 team...I am far from awesome and haven't figure out a ton when it comes to traits/combo/who to use when....and I bet I am even more involved than avg player...i have never finished a challenge +4 or higher of my survivor level...I can get some +3 but take bruises or even 1 star cuz I'm battling...

    My point is u can't start right at or 1 below ur level cuz most players don't have all legendary weapons/gear like I'm sure u do...(I have some...not many at all...mostly rare stuff with some epic/leg for my best guys)...so for most lvl 15 really means lvl 15...maybe they can beat some 16/17 but they don't have the gear to just beat lvl20 +5 no problem...

    If I started at lvl 16 yesterday I would have been DONE with the challenge in like 2hrs...
  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    Old world. I ran each mission about 21 times. Getting about 63 stars = 378 stars + quest stars

    New world. I am expecting to run the missions about 21 times = 378 stars + round bonus stars.

    To me they have not removed the grind. Yes they have made it better by making the rewards better, and allowing lower levels to play just as much.
    But the grind is still there.

    They could have reset the leaderboards, and made 150 the new top score reduced the playing time by half.
    Or like @OneVoice said, have 10 maps. That would mean you don't have to play the same maps so many times.
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,068
    And then people would complain that there a too many maps (I would like to have more, though) or that the challenge would be over too quickly and that they have nothing to do. There will never be a solution that pleases everyone.

    As for the grind: Everything or almost everything is a grind in this game except for the story missions - if you define grind as repeating something over and over again.

    I was thinking more of doing low level maps with low level rewards until finally reaching an adequate level = grind (at least when talking about the challenges).
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  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    Yes, everything is repetative. And that is true in most games as well.
    But that is why I always go back to that there should be a second (and third/fourth) event that alternates with Challenges
  • avelardezavelardez Member Posts: 1,340
    I see a bit more generosity being given in regards to legendary gear and tokens being given out in crates. I hope it stays that way.
  • SabrinaSabrina Member Posts: 144
    Dear @Shteevie,

    sorry for the long text, this is a bit complicate explain why Challenge Update was not I desired in my POV.

    In Finland - also origin country of Next Games - we have waited this Challenge update for long and talked much in our five guild Suomikilta about time-consuming Challenges. Compared to almost any other mobile game,, Challenge in TWDNML costs much more repetition or grinding time from real-life activities. Only TWD Road To Survival is more repetitive AFAIK.

    For example in Boom Beach of Supercell there are daily tasks where you mostly have seven mission scaled to level of player. Advanced players can do them all seven, newer players less. These missions take 15-20 minutes in daily basis but there are other things to do in the game, if a player has plenty of time. In busy days you can play that 15 minutes, other days for hours with various things.

    In this new Challenge I'm now at last at lv25 round. Next Games promised - or at least shouted loud in the forum - that the Challenge Update will not take more time to accomplish. On the opposite, it was told that the Update will be more like the two experiments with no cooldown like in last year. I took 2 euros gasolin, played all Wed evening and half night and most of Thursday. Now I get real challenges, maybe after 12 hours playing.

    As I am concept and usability designer and data-analyst, I know sure that there are modern tehcnologies to automatically scale up missions or weekly challenges to different levels and playing styles. And the game can have for example

    a) daily-basis 15-20 minutes star collecting, not 12 hour in a week
    b) algorithm-based missions (like in Boom Beach and others),
    c) larger areas but not forcing to repeat them so many times or
    d) decent PvP instead of quite limited Outpost
    e) collective tasks for guilds, meaning single effort proceeds wholeness, not just 1 billion zombies

    Many game has revamped their core functions and developed new ones. With Challenge Update it is at last clear that NG is not willing to change the concept of this game but trying to deepen the concept. TWDRSL has a similar base concept, but there is even more lottery than in this game. The paying middle class and most of the players have disappeared from the game: there are only players who can spend at least 200 USD in a week and novice free players.

    NG seems to think that this current, repetitive and time-forced playing business model is most value-added, Instead there are many ways to make cash flow, ways which NG does not have harnessed at all. I am just a end game player in lv58, but when the game was released, I eagerly waited a bit more epic TWD story lines towards Wasteland. Yes, we have heroes - althought we have not their personalities, they are on acting or communicating. We do not have hordes of zombies, no bases to build for attacks, no vehicle moving from place A>B, no real grinding in open space and so on.

    What we got is even more missions, three rounds in lv21-24 and even longer 1 hour cooldown compared to previous 30min. Many of our five Suomikiltas have daily work to do, like myself, many have children to care instead on playing in every 1 hour waiting, many have other activities IRL, like hobbies, voluntary working, meeting relatives and friends and so on. It is called Life.

    Many of us are also paying customers, keeping NG and the game alive, paying salaries. Over half of my guild - both paying customers and free players - are considering at the moment if to play next week Challenge in next week or not to play. Lack of motivation comes also from local personal and guild top lists which have been incorrect for months. I see my scores twice or not seeing it at all on the list, I se my total scores but others have only weekly stars. In one week 50 * of mine just disappeared and so on.

    I hoped the Challenge 2.0 would be the best feature of the game, but sorry to say, it is not. IMO I think there are better things to do In my life after 1 year and 6 months that grinding same missions and without any hope anymore that the game would change :) I hope the game will have enough paying customers who can contribute more and more their real life time for the game and are willing to pay for skipping or neglecting IRL things in weekly basis.

    It is hard to give up from the game, but my normal life just does not allow to spend more required time with Challenge Update. The same thing happened with TWDRTS. On the other hand, I have played Boom Beach for years without any IRL time allocating problems ever.

    TWDNML would have been great game, a potential classic :) Game designers of Episodes provided many memorable missions. The possibilities of the game have been huge toward open-world grinding, weapon and jacket tuning and epic guild wars and personalities of Heroes and so on. But, we have only same tiny missions with stronger zombies and and insanely-strong saviors hiding more and more in the dark without strategic possibility to hit 'em rationally.
    - Sabrina, lv60 LVT (Life-TIme Profit), Elder of Suomikilta I-V -
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    I like challenge 2.0. Yesterday without any booster I recieved over 1,6m XP just for playing challenge missions. Have to admit I had "bad luck" with couple of challenge/deluxe crates with XP. Those missions are fairly challenging, recently Im on RSL21.2 and no stars were lost(well, lets see if RSL22/23s will go smoothly as well). Im really enjoying increased "difficulty" of challenge missions and also increased rewards. From this point of view, NG did "Great job".
    On the other hand, Im a)damn unlucky or b)something went wrong as from over 20 gold chests(after challenge missions) I recieved 1x XP, 2x epic item lvl19/20 and rest was green trash...I spent gold to unlock all gold crates, so there is no chance I missed any leg piece. So Im just curious if you guys got some leg pieces from gold after mission crates, because I did not. Im not really in need of more leg pieces(well, good piece will always come handy), but Im pi**ed off to a)my RNGesus or b) to NG if they scr**ed drop rates of leg pieces.
    @MadPuppy Sorry for not perfectly constructive post, I promise to not make another one like that anytime soon.
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    No, you should not respond to me because I did not ask you any question and, you should not tag me again because I'm not interested.
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    Spending 2 days on early RSL 2-15 was horrible boring and non profitable.
    Now doing 3 x RSL20+ I have more fun plus better XP and rewards profit.
    For me saying that current system is a big grind...has no common sense.
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