After mission add not granting aditional locks

GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
Even before this update, once in a while when I hit "video for aditional locks" commercial not worked, but after hitting X mark in top right(left?) corner of blank screen, I recieved 3 more locks. Since yesterday(first time I noticed), if video is not working, Im not getting those locks and option to play video for aditional locks disappear(though I get it again in next mission, so it is not depleted). If I force close game(before hitting continue), clear my google services app cache and log back in about 30 mins(this really depends, can be less or more), I have that option back(for that mission), but I believe this is not a proper way of getting those aditional locks. Dont have screenshots(not expected this issue to happen as I need one before hitting "play video for aditional locks"), but will try to get some to clarify.


  • JungaJunga Member Posts: 3
    I second that
  • bigbeanobigbeano Member Posts: 602
    Happened to me too!Not cool at all,I had a bunch of silver and a gold crate left to unlock!Hell,in the past I got the extras after the next mission,but,didn't get them at all this time!
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