New 2.0 challenge is still a boring grind



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    In a game with a practically non existant element of pvp you are asking for variety and no grinding?

    And you want great rewards investing LESS time, but at the same time that the game keep you entertained for MORE time? I'm lost...
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    yes, you are lost :)

    The greater rewards come with fighting higher level walkers
    Not fighting low level walkers
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    Yes exactly, give everyone a choice on what they would like to do

    That way, everyone can have their cake and eat it too

    Some people have time slots in which they can sit down and play.
    Family, Friends, exercise, other hobbies, etc are all part of many peoples lives
    The game is just a small part of it all

    Some people have all day and all night because that's their life

    If you give people options, they can all have it like they want it
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    I'm sorry to tell you this, and I'm not being sarcastic at all, but this game, like many others with a touch of RPG demands from the player a certain amount of time. Most of the time a considerable amount. And not always it's the devs fault, it's just the nature of the game.

    And besides the rewards, many people play challenges trying to best themselves, like, this week I got so many stars, let's see if next one can score more!

    Anyways, different playstyles and points of view...
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    Yeah well, lets put this and all mobile games in their proper perspective shall we

    I come from the PC First Person Shooter world
    That world is way more intense and competitive than any mobile app game
    You go one on one with a real live opponent in a 3D world map that you move about in
    Nothing in the simple mobile game world compares to that

    So if you want to man up and really get into competitive gaming, mobile games are not where you need to be

    The reason I like this game and was drawn to this game way back when was
    1) The walking dead show. I am a big fan
    2) I needed a break from the intense FPS PC gaming world
    3) The graphics are nice and there's no big headed, cartoon looking characters

    PC based FPS shooter games against real live opponents are way more intense and requires nerves of steel
    This game is more like a chess game where you have time to think out your moves in slow motion
    And this slower paced game is a much welcomed break from that super intense PC FPS world

    But the boredom of having to repeat things over and over and over is not one of the selling points of this game
    The Story line maps were fine because it was a new map every time you advanced
    Then as you completed them all, you could play them on hard and Nightmare
    That's fine also because there was a large time gap between doing those maps 3 times each

    The season 7 maps are fine with me also because you play them 5 times, get a reward and wait for a week for the next one.

    The challenge has always been a boring grind to me until you get up to a level that gives you a run for your money
    Remember when there were two challenges per week?
    That sucked and I am glad that is gone.

    I was just hoping with the new challenge that I could complete it in a say 2-3 days rather than 5 days like the previous challenge
    It's way different now after 1+ years of playing than when I first started playing
    By the time I grind through all the lower level mindless maps, I have lost interest and want to go do something that is more fun

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    szgerg77 said:

    Helio said:

    Or add an auto fight button... if you are level 20... you can auto fight all the levels up to 19... you use gas, get the rewards, etc... the computer just fights for you...

    You know what? I would push that button...
    LOL, You would be banned @szgerg77
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    i've read alot of forum posts from those that don't fully embrace the new changes, with valid reasons.

    any design team worth thier salt would take note but i fear ng won't.

    that's because there's still support for the changes on the forum too, which will be enough for ng to say it was a success.

    yes, i like some of those changes too but the repetitness remains.

    i'm curious to know ng's thoughts on why they puropsley kept the grind.
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    So I am confused...are PC FPS games intense or not?? Lol
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    why i have to repeat three times same difficulty? please somone explain to me that. *confused and frustrated*
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,068

    It isn't the same difficulty but a slightly higher everytime (like 19, 19.33, 19.66). It's like that so you can get more stars (=more rewards).
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    i understand that some want to grind, but they can do it anytime. play same level as many times they want. i however don't even seem to get a slightly challenging levels before challenge is over. this is first game where this happens (yes there are other games i play too). in many games it is possible to autoplay quickly already completed levels. and that is good because nothing is so frustrating than play too easy levels over and over again. it's not fun or even satisfying. correct me if i'm wrong but nobody really enjoys playing same too easy levels over and over again, right? game makers must know that so question is why?
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    As someone mentioned earlier, it's hard to please everyone. I have had the opposite experience. I hit RSL25 missions early yesterday (without a gas booster), and am at the limit of what my survivors can face. Compared to the old challenge, I felt like I was able to advance much more quickly in this challenge. I usually didn't get to RSL25 until Monday morning with the old challenge.

    Sure, there was some grind in the middle of the new format, but at least gas costs and rewards were much better. I'm sure some folks would complain if the challenge were any shorter.
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    @JayZ i feel you. but still question remains ... why?

    i agree this is better than before, but still in new update - on purpose - gamemakers make us to play long time levels without challenge? there must be reason for that.

    in my opinion its far worse than too quick challenge. shorter challenge allows to play outposts and missions more. now i have to make decision what to play, i have no time or gas for both. so my question to gamemakers is .... why, what's reasoning behind this decision. help me to understand so i might accept it better.
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    Some people are already challenged by RSL-1.
    That's just the way it is.
    Can't leave them behind.

    Some kind of "skilled" button would be nice.
    Just press it and you start 1 or 2 RSL higher.
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    They want this to be a multi-day's pretty covers end of week thru whole weekend...for a reason...that is when most ppl will have time to play...and they want ppl to push for highest level so maybe they buy boosters more often or weapons/bundles...that is just the financial incentives for NG to keep it longer...

    Also if there was no x3 rounds it would have been a 1-day event for most...I started at 12...ended at 20...if I didn't have to play 16x3 17x3 18x3 19x3 20x3 then the challenge would have been VERY short and not all that fun for me and I would have been done Thursday morning...they want the challenge to be a long multi-day event to keep people engaged in the game doing this for 3-5 days of the week every week...if it was just one day I'm sure there would be many ppl that would play way less overall which is bad for business....
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    There are players who have finished all the story missions and who don't want to play outpost.

    RSL -1 is about as difficult or easy (for me) as scavenging. But the rewards are different. Scavenging has a base reward for XP and supplies while challenge offers bonus reward crates and TG. Challenge missions are cheaper and if you are in a guild the overall value is higher (at least that's what I'd say). TG for completion + end of mission rewards + (deluxe) challenge crates + guild rewards for 4 to 5 gas (in my case) instead of base rewards (except for gear missions) + end of mission reward crates for 6 gas.

    Unless you are willing to pay for boosters there is no way to play as much as you want (plus nothing can buy time). And there has to be some sort of middle ground that enables everyone to play.

    My survivors are level 20 and I reached RSL 19 within a day and 20 the next, I think. Don't know what you are doing that you can't reach a point where it starts to get challenging or at least adequate to scavenging.

    But if it's too boring for you, equip your guys with low level gear (that's why I can't go on, my gear isn't good enough and I hit the wall at RSL 24). Or use lower level survivors.

    And BTW Dim Forrest is a slow challenge with larger maps and you have to be quite careful - makes everything seem even longer, but I but that might just be me.
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    I was hoping that I could reach the max in a much shorter time and NOT have to play on the weekend.
    The challenge is becoming a second job.

    If I crammed hard on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and hit my max by Saturday morning, that would be great for me.
    If players were not able to play much during the week and they liked to play on the weekend, that would work for them also.

    So my question is the same as others have asked
    Why do we have to repeat that same exact level 3 times?
    Why can't the walker levels and rewards go up after each of the 3 repeats?

    Or start 2 levels below my srvrs instead of 6 levels lower and up the rewards
    By the time I get to a RSL that is a challenge for me, I am burned out and ready to go do something that is actually fun
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    EL34xyz said:

    Why do we have to repeat that same exact level 3 times?

    I think some people would argue that they would hit the wall to soon otherwise.
    Already done on friday, although you might be ok with that, would take out the fun for them.

    Personally, I have much fun doing RSL+1,+2 and +3.
    All else can bugger of.
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    On my second account with level 8 survivors I´ll hit the wall before my second deluxe crate. At this stage of gameplay I´m still missing warrior and assault class :blush:

    Just to bring in another point of view ;)
  • feracolyteferacolyte Member Posts: 163
    i think a skip button would be a really good idea. you completely skip the stars from that RSL and move straight to the next difficulty. most of us with the time and the patience want to maximize our low difficulty stars but i can see why some people would want to start at RSL 25 and push themselves in less time. you'll just get fewer stars and fewer rewards that week which is fine by them
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    Why I still have to kill walkers?
    <img src=""alt="" />
  • feracolyteferacolyte Member Posts: 163
    > @Amiga said:
    > Why I still have to kill walkers?

    yes, killing them is the easy part. the real challenge is reincorporating them into society where they can be productive contributors doing simple labor jobs
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    I used to get almost no XP, tokens or cans during the challenge because I used all my gas for stars. Now I get all of that plus stars. Win-Win. I'd much rather play challenge than scavenge or outpost. However, we've lost players in our guild due to the schedule change where challenge play is required on the weekend so I sympathize with you @EL34xyz. And we're losing a few more after this week because they hoped like you that the update would require less play.

    No good answer for that I guess. I don't see NG shortening the challenge.
    Jerry Dixon
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,071
    A boring, time consuming low level challenge, replaced by a time consuming and expensive higher level challenge. The rewards were better early on, but one of my guildmates got 10 Morgan tokens as his reward for reaching 1,100 challenge stars. That's a major ripoff to me. Our guild has 21,000 stars already with almost a day to go. I would have never thought that possible.
  • LadyAquilaLadyAquila Member Posts: 625
    I like that I can play the challenge through the weekend. I slow played all the early rounds, killing up to the 100 limit. That netted me 35-70k XP for each mission (only 4 gas) not including the reward crates. This is much better than scavenging missions.
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  • EL34xyzEL34xyz Member Posts: 1,872

    I like that I can play the challenge through the weekend. I slow played all the early rounds, killing up to the 100 limit. That netted me 35-70k XP for each mission (only 4 gas) not including the reward crates. This is much better than scavenging missions.

    Well yes, it is
    I don't have anything against the new challenge format and the XP you can get
    Maybe the boring repeating 3 levels over and over is the only gripe
    And that is what makes it a boring grind

    My beef is that it is the same grind as before and maybe just a hair less overall time spent
    I basically called it quits this morning at level 22
    Where as I would normally call it quits on Monday morning

    I could still grind out some more today and monday morning, but just don't have the ambition to do so

    It's a beautiful weekend here in the mountains of NC, US and I would rather be out hiking, biking and getting exercise.
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