Bleeding on "Into the Woods"?????

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As if this map didn't suck enough.. :angry: I'm on 26.2 and my hunter is bleeding.. as if that isn't weird enough.. I never even got hit! I had full health and used my hunters charge attack and it put me into bleeding!

@Shteevie ummm what's up with that? Lol
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    Has seen that happen to me a few times too!
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    I heard of this ver rarely as well. It's clearly not intended. If you remember any of the following items, I'd be interested to hear:
    -What mission did you play previous to that mission?
    -How many missions had you played in that session?
    -Did you try to heal the bleeding? Did it work?

    I'm thinking some data from your last mission [which may have been outpost against survivors with guns] was not properly cleared. We'll need some data like what I mentioned above in order to test that theory out, though. If you have any memories, they would really help - thanks!
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    I was on about my 20th attempt on that specific mission (could have been 50th, I lost count) :tongue:

    I don't play outpost so no I wasn't raiding before that!

    I didn't hit the button to bandage, but I did hit end turn and it did bandage by doing that!

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